Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ask a Designer

My friend, and interior designer extraordinaire, Capella Kincheloe has gone and done it again. In addition to her amazing IDESIGN service that is perfect for people like Matt and me who love to DIY but don't have the best eye for design, she has started an Atlanta Meetup group called "Ask a Designer". This is an awesome, low-cost way to ask all of your design questions without having to pay a designer by the hour! I encourage all of you metro Atlanta residents to take advantage of this, as like IDESIGN, this is an unmatched opportunity to have access to someone with her level of talent and experience at such an affordable price. Check out the before and after photos of our master bedroom IDESIGN. Amazing right? She's also helped us with a space plan and layout for our kitchen remodel, as we ran into some hiccups with taking out the wall we wanted to remove. Stay tuned as that will hopefully be happening in early 2011. And, we are definitely utilizing Capella's talent for our living room and dining room, after the kitchen!

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