Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Dogs!

It's official. We're parents... to a pair of furbabies (and that's the last time you'll hear me use that term, because I think it's dumb... sorry to anyone who likes it, but that's just my opinion). :) Max and Maddie came to live with us on Sunday, and our lives are already changed forever. For starters, I do not see sleeping-in in my immediate future. It really is like training for children. They depend on us completely for their survival... we have to provide for food, water, trips outside, love, tennis balls, LL Bean dog beds, spaying... you know, the necessary things.

Let me go back to the spaying... we were supposed to receive dogs that could not procreate. Max is definitely neutered, or he's just a poor little guy if not (his cajones could be up in his abdomen). For the female, it's not so easy to tell. Their former masters turned them in to a shelter (jerks) and told them they were both fixed. The intake vet at AGA (the rescue) thought he/she felt a scar where her spay scar would have been, so they assumed she was spayed. Well, we got them home and noticed that Maddie was exhibiting what we thought was some dominant behavior toward Max (we already knew that she liked to sit on his head). Well, this was something like sitting on his head but more like raising her tail and putting her hind end in his face. Turns out, she's in heat! We caught Max trying to mount her a few times, which we thought was weird but didn't think too much of it. Yesterday, they got stuck together when Matt went home for lunch. He played with them, went to the bathroom and came back out and they were butt-to-butt. Maddie locked up on Max, and he tried to get out and couldn't. It was so weird, and thankfully they did come apart. I e-mailed AGA, because we found this all strange (again, assuming we had fixed dogs), and they immediately said she must not be spayed! So, off to the vent we went to confirm.

I actually just spoke with the vet, and she said Maddie did well and definitely had not been spayed. Apparently, her ovaries were covered with follicles and cysts, so she should feel a lot better once she recoups. I really wonder if Max is her sister, offspring or mate. She's clearly had puppies based on the size of her "teets", so who knows? So, Maddie is going to rest up until Saturday and Max will be visiting Grams' house as an only child. What an adventure already!

We are happy to have them though. They are both such good natured, lovable dogs. I think Maddie might have some lab in her, but Max appears to be all golden retriever, except his tail (unless the hair was cut). Max is on the hyper side... he just wants all of your love and affection and wants to play! He's very excited to go outside, go for a walk, eat, drink, play with a toy... anything. He's just a big, goofy, happy guy. Maddie is much more reserved. She's super sweet without being in your face. And fast. My, that girl can run. They both know their basic commands - sit, lay down, stay, shake - and are pretty obedient. Sometimes, it takes a few times, but we're working on that. We love Cesar Milan and Matt also read a book called "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend." We are showing them that we are the leaders of the pack by making them lay down in a designated area while we eat, following us through doors (not leading us), making them sit and stay before they get to go outside/get their food bowl/etc., having them move out of our way instead of taking another route if they are in our path, etc. It may sound harsh to some, but I can assure you that it is not. We are determined to have well-trained and well-adjusted dogs, and they will get all the love in the world!

They LOOOOOVE to play ball. I can't remember what Disney animated movie it is where the dog says, "Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball." I imagine that's what goes through Max's head. He's crazy and has to have two tennis balls in his mouth. Even though she can beat him, Maddie will let up on the chase if he doesn't already have two balls. Max is better at catching the ball mid-air on a bounce, but Maddie isn't too bad. I think we'll have to see if they love frisbee, because they both have the potential to be good frisbee dogs. We took them to our neighborhood park which has a field that they can run off leash, and they were so good. They come when they are called, which is awesome. I do not feel like they are a flight risk at all. Plus, they just want human attention, so they aren't going to run away from it!

Max is pretty good on the leash, and we're working on Maddie. We only got one pinch collar, but they both walk so much better with it on, so we'll be getting another (don't worry, it doesn't hurt them). Max needs to lose 5-10 more lbs (he's down to 77 from 85 at intake in August) and since he's good on the leash, he can be my walk/jog partner. It will be good for us him.

Well, I guess that is enough bragging on the new members of our family. Now for a few pictures! Can't wait to have Maddie home... Max is going to miss her (and so are we).

Right before we took them home. See Max's two tennis balls?

The car ride home... just check out that tongue!

Yesterday morning before I left for work. They promised they wouldn't tear anything up, and they didn't! Good little lickers.


Jessi said...

Congrats on the doggies!! So cute! Hopefully Maddie will be feeling better soon! Have fun with them!

Kristin said...

Congrats you are going to LOVE them! I use a Gentle Leader for Bailey and it helps SOO much with him pulling on the leash. If you need another option.

Amy said...

Congrats! They are cute and you guys will be the best dog owners... sounds like you've really done your homework! It's hard to tell from the pictures but Maddie does look older than Max in some of the shots... maybe she's really his mama :)

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

So proud of you for adopting!