Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm alive... and I'm having a basketball!

I think I'm having an over-inflated basketball, at that.  I believe I have some catching up to do, so picture overload alert.

A little side by side comparison in the same dress... it cracks me up how much bigger my butt looks because my lower back has so much more arch to it these days... or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  Just let me have it, people.  Don't ruin it with the reality that my butt might actually be bigger.

28w3d - same days as my lovely Atlanta baby shower, here with my handsome hubby before a delicious meal.  Need to get some baby shower pics!  Ahem, Jenny.  ;)

28 week u/s of our sweet girl - front shot... u/s tech said she has chubby cheeks... well duh, she obviously comes by that naturally (see below)

Matt - I die over the tush!

Me with my Gram and Great Gram (and partial namesakes... for Greer too!) - Elizabeth Frances and Frances Elizabeth (my middle name is Elizabeth, as will be Greer's)
How Far Along: 30 Weeks!!!!!!!

Baby's Size:  Estimated at 2 lb 5 oz at the 28 week u/s, she should be somewhere around 17" long and around 3 lbs now.

Gender: GIRL!

Movement:   No lack of it.  My goodness.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I relish it.  I actually start to worry some if I don't feel her for awhile (rare).  But, she is officially all up in my ribs.  And it can be uncomfortable at times.  Occassionally when on the phone, one might thing that I'm running a marathon, but no... it's just that much effort to talk and breathe at the same time.  Ha!

Sleep:   Yeah, not so much last night.  Some nights are better than others.

Maternity Clothes:  See photo evidence above.  Although the dress I wore for my baby shower was not maternity.  And I can get away with a few tops and sweater dresses that aren't maternity.  But, yes.  This belly can't fit in much else if it's not stretchy!

Symptoms:  Joy.  Belly obsession.  Awesome skin (sarcasm).  Slightly decreased mobility.

Aversions:    Nothing really.  I love food.

Cravings:    Also nothing really.  On occassion I will crave something, but it's not a regular thing.  I do still love my rootbeer.

What I miss:  Sleep.  Fare thee well for awhile, my friend.  ;)

Feelings toward pregnancy:    I pretty much love being pregnant.  But, I really can't wait to meet this girl who will make me a momma.  And, I REALLY cannot wait to see Matt hold her for the first time. #watchmegoandgetallemotionalonya

Best moments this week:    Monday was a holiday?  :)  A good CrossFit workout with the ladies class on said holiday.  Every day this girl is thriving inside of me and I get to experience this miracle is a pretty good moment.  Also heard some fantastic news from one of my favoritest cousins (I have lots, and yes I play faves).

What I'm looking forward to in the next week:   I finally ordered bedding (well a bumper and skirt), so I am looking forward to getting it.  I ended up not going the custom route, as I couldn't justify spending that kind of money when I didn't even spend that much on our own bedding!  I just got the basic bumper and skirt from Serena & Lily in punch and will get sheets from PB Kids.  Keeping it a little more simple.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well, hello!

And, happy 2013... the year we become parents!  This is going to be a drive-by posting, because I don't have time to say too much.  However, I need to record that I miraculously stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve although I was incredibly exhausted.  And thank God I did, because I believe it was that night (when you don't sleep, it all runs together) that I said to Matt that our daughter would be born in three months and he said he wished it were sooner.  I do not wish it were sooner (I'll take the last week of March), however I found that incredibly sweet.  :)

Apparently blogger does not want to let me upload any pictures, so hopefully that will be rectified before mid-week as I will have new glamour shots of Greer to share and a few weeks of bump pictures.  I cannot believe that I'm in my third trimester as of this week!  Wow.  Just wow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free Design Services

If you've been here awhile and seen any of the transformations we've made in our house (just peruse here), they were (almost exclusively) done with the help of Capella Kincheloe.  I never in a million years thought I could afford the services of an interior designer, especially one as talented as Capella who worked under famed designer, Michael Smith (yeah, the Obamas hired him to do the White House interiors... and Capella worked on the project... NBD).  But through IDESIGN, we were able to create a home that we love while sticking to a reasonable budget (I have a Pottery Barn sofa next to a $25 side table from Craig's List... holla!) and not spending a fortune on design fees.

And, you can do the same thing... for FREE!  Capella is giving away a free IDESIGN for any room in your home.  You'd be dumb not to enter... unless you won't use it, in which case, let someone else have a chance!

Happy 2013!