Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's go time...

As I type this, I am sitting in the hospital with cervadil in place and monitors on my belly preparing for a 6am induction tomorrow morning.  WHOA!  At my appointment this week, my doctor agreed that if we're going to get her out, we needed to move.  She suggested Thursday (as she is working tomorrow), and I said heck yes.  Much to my dismay, the hospital said they couldn't get me in until next Wednesday (Greer's actual due date, ironically enough), so we were scheduled then.  Something did not feel right to me about waiting that long and blindly going in for an induction, so I called my doctor the next morning (yesterday) and left her a message.  I am pretty sure she didn't even know how long the hospital had pushed me out.  Within two hours, I received a phone call that something had "opened up" (i.e., pretty sure Dr. W pulled some strings) and I needed to be at the hospital at 5:30 today to start cervadil and they'd begin my induction at 6:00am Thursday!  What is crazy is that I did not ask for a certain date or anything, and it just happens that this is the day I've been saying I wanted her to be born.  It is the day before my birthday, and we also have a funny thing in my family with a bunch of birthdays in a row except the 28th was no one.

I was not dilated or anything at my appointment and still was not when I came in today.  However, I did start to have regular, stronger contractions (I'd call them intense Braxton Hicks or really weak real ones) after acupuncture yesterday.  Now that I'm hooked up to a monitor (and of course they've even increased since we've been here), it's crazy to see how close together they are.  Again, they are super weak (not painful, just uncomfortable), so I wouldn't exactly call them progress but they are happening.  So, we'll just see what happens.  I am cool with a c-section if that's what happens, but I obviously hope this works!  I also hope that I'm still not in labor at this time tomorrow.  Ha!

So, anyway, I am sure things are about to get really crazy in my life but I will try to post an update as soon as possible announcing our little girl.  Hard to believe we're here.  It still doesn't seem real and I really don't know when it will.  I said after she's in my arms, but one of my friends said in 6-12 months.  Ha!  So thankful to God for His perfect timing and provision.  The waiting sucks.  So bad.  I don't forget, believe me.  But the end reward is going to be so worth it.  Psalm 127:3

Oh, and for the record, my prediction is that she will weigh 6 lb 8 oz, be 19" long and have light brown hair (that will eventually be blonde).  Matt says 7 lb 8 oz, 20" long and bald.  :)  Also have other people in on this but we'll just memorialize our guesses here for now.  Winner gets the glory.  (Oh, and someone just had a baby... they play a lullaby whenever a baby is born here... this is #3 in the 3.5 hours we've been here and I LOVE it.)

Last weekly bump picture!!

Is this real life?  Right before we left for the hospital.

Friday, March 22, 2013

It happened (not the baby)

I swole... swelled?  Not sure the proper past tense of swell, so let's just say I am swollen.  Wop wop.  So vain.  :)  I made it 37.5 weeks and then bam, Friday night I had something close to cankles.  I woke up Saturday morning and they were gone, so I thought I might be in the clear.  Started doing chores and when Matt came downstairs (we've been sleeping in different beds... so romantic!), I lifted my pants to show him that my cankles were gone.  But, they were back.  'Tis pregnancy.  They haven't been too bad, and up until yesterday, my fingers seemed to be pretty normal but now my rings are getting a little tight, so not sure I'll make it until delivery on that front.  But, that's okay.  I am so thankful I didn't swell earlier, because the swollen feet are a bit uncomfortable, I must say.  And, I can still fit in my shoes (flats) so I can't imagine if they were even worse!  I didn't expect that it was uncomfortable, in addition to unattractive.  :)  Oh, and as if I needed proof that I was swelling, I gained 3 lbs in 5 days between my 37 and 38 week appointments.  Gotta love that scale creeping up like that right at the end, even if it is water!

Anyway, in less vain news... it would seem that there is a compatibility issue between the size of my pelvic opening and my child's head.  Now, this is really speculation on my part, but you must know that I was only 6 lbs 6 oz and after being induced and cranking up the pitocin to the highest dose, my mom did not dilate, feel a single contraction (no epidural), and I did not drop.  So, they did a c-section.  Back in the good ol' days, they used to do pelvic x-rays (which explains a lot for those who know me personally) ;) and my mom has what they called borderline pelvis.  My dad's mom also had the same thing.  So, I guess small pelvic openings run in the family.  My OB confirmed that I have an oddly shaped pubic bone, thus making my pelvic opening smaller than normal.  Matt and I also had abnormally large heads.  So, I can only speculate that Greer's head is not going to fit through, especially when I can literally feel her on top of my pelvis and in my hips (no one else seems to know what they heck I am talking about when I explain this but I feel her in my bones... it's very strange).  Also, I am sealed tight and not the least bit effaced, and the doctor joked that she was almost to my tonsils when she did my pelvic exam this week.  Sooooo, all that to say that at this point, it does not appear she's going to come on her own.  I have my 39 week appointment Monday, and if I am still not progressing at all, we'll likely discuss a c-section.  I've always assumed I would have c-sections (my mom had three) and never thought much about it, but after getting pregnant, I really changed my tune and want to deliver vaginally.  At the same time, I'm not going to force the issue.  I went to acupuncture this week in the hopes that she can get my body to start doing something... even if I'm only a centimeter dilated, we'll probably go for an induction next week just because we know that there is definitely going to be a size issue at some point if it's not already an issue.  I would love to at least try, and if nothing happens, so be it.

So, anyway.  Next Friday is my birthday and I am REALLY hoping for the best birthday present EVER.  But, no matter when or how it happens, as long as we are both healthy, that is what truly matters.  CANNOT WAIT to meet my girl!!!!  Eeeeeeek!  We are ready, and I even got my hair did (as you can see between my 37 and 38 week photos, or at least I can see... wow, it was bad).  Come, little one!

Two of my besties enjoying a spring weather tease last weekend.  Greer and Baby W are going to have a little love connection, I'm sure.  He has lots of competition though!  ;)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's the final countdown...

Sorry if like me, you'll now be singing that song all day.  I am officially full term... 37 weeks today.  It's crazy to think of how far we've come, and that we're really oh so very very close to meeting our daughter.  We are "officially" ready.  Her room is as complete as it will be before she comes, though I'd eventually like to add more art, accessories, and pillows for the daybed.  The carseat is installed.  Hospital bags are as packed as they will be until it is time.  Now, we wait.  :)  Work has been crazy and I definitely have some things to wrap up here, but whatever will be will be.

Wonder how many more of these I'll take... 37 weeks to come after tonight.
This weekend, Matt and I did the Junior League's Shamrock n Roll 5K/10K.  To be very clear, we walked the 5K.  And it took us almost an hour.  Ooops.  Hey, that's what happens when you're having major Braxton Hicks the whole time!  :)  I usually run it in about 30 minutes, so it was funny to be lapped twice by many of the 10K runners (they start 15 minutes after the 5K race).  Matt actually has a hairline fracture in his tibia and a sprained MCL thanks to his ski trip and doing a double black bowl (why I ask?  a professional he is not), so he couldn't run either.  Just thankful that his injury doesn't require surgery, because we thought it might be a torn miniscus.  Anywho.

Three of the loves of my life.

Good morning, Atlanta!

This just makes me laugh.  Whoa belly.  Probably doesn't help that I crammed by 37 week belly into a non-maternity, somewhat fitted shirt.  Haha.
After the race and a nice nap, I finished up Greer's room (for now) while Matt was taking care of other things.  I swear, when it comes to nesting in the sense of organizing and throwing things away, Matt is the man.  He's done virtually all of that, but I definitely am more into the cleaning side of things and want everything to be spotless (please note that this is impossible with two large, hairy dogs).

The iPhone photos aren't the best, but they're the best I'm going to do for now.  :)  The colors aren't quite as bright as they appear in the photos (the pink is a salmon/coral pink rather than hot pink, the monogram is a softer aqua than it appears, etc.).  Capella did the base design, sourcing things like the daybed, rug, wall color, etc., and I came in and added the more personal touches that any mom (um, weird... mom) would want to have control over.  The pups were painted by Amy Yeager, and she did an AMAZING job.  There's still some things I'd like to do in there, but that will happen eventually.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.  I find it both calm and playful at the same time, and I hope she will grow into it and love it... and maybe share a room with a little sister or brother some day.  :)  It's a big room!

For 37 weeks pregnant, I'm still feeling pretty good!  I had a couple of weeks of pretty good sleep (this is relative, of course), but now I'm back to sleeping like crap, so I'm pretty tired.  Hoping I get back into a good groove and get some restful sleep before she comes.  I haven't had any swelling (still wearing my wedding rings), and I can still move around as well as could be expected.  I did have a baffling 7 pound weight gain between 34 and 36 weeks that I cannot figure out, but oh well (nurse said I was probably retaining fluid but wouldn't I be swollen if that was the case?).  Maybe it was a fluke... or maybe I need to not be so tempted by sweets.  Paleo what?

Friday, March 1, 2013

How Far Along: 35w2d

Baby's Size:  Likely over 18" and 4.5+lbs

Gender: GIRL!

Movement:  All the time.  Sometimes kind of painful.  I think she's clawing her way out through the middle of my belly.  I've also started to have Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly, and they are interesting and mildly uncomfortable.  The bottom of my stomach gets really flat, I guess because the "bulk" of her is high up in my belly.  It just looks funny.  Also, she's definitely shifted down and out a little bit as opposed to the "high and tight" position she'd been in.  I'm not constantly pushing her out of my ribs, which is nice.  :)

Sleep:   It's generally not good.

Maternity Clothes:   Duh.

Symptoms:   I am plum exhausted a lot.  But still a happy little momma-to-be.  I cannot believe she will be here so soon... probably this month!  I'm definitely eating less at each sitting and although I haven't had heartburn, I do have mild indegestion.  Nothing that has forced me to go buy meds, although it's been really bad two nights to the point that I thought I was going to throw up and absolutely could not lay flat.  Also, I am definitely less mobile and quite uncomfortable, although it still doesn't slow me down.  That's probably part of the problem!  Too much to do... too little time!  :)

Aversions:   Nothing really. I love food.

Cravings: Also nothing really. On occassion I will crave something, but it's not a regular thing. I do still love my rootbeer.

What I miss: Sleep. Fare thee well for awhile, my friend. ;)

Feelings toward pregnancy:  Same as they have been.  But, I am getting to the point that I am really ready to not be pregnant and ready to meet my daughter.  However, I'm totally cool with her staying put until at least 38 weeks.  I'm not that ready (emotionally-yes, everything else-no).

Best moments this week:  Being at the beach last weekend and work threw me a shower today.

What I'm looking forward to in the next week:  Getting lots of stuff done around the house this weekend, enjoying my time with just Matt and the dogs, seeing one of my dear friends who is in town, and inching ever closer to having a baby!

So, the formal pics are because I attended a black tie function for my industry... picked up this dress from for $36!  Total bargain!