Friday, March 22, 2013

It happened (not the baby)

I swole... swelled?  Not sure the proper past tense of swell, so let's just say I am swollen.  Wop wop.  So vain.  :)  I made it 37.5 weeks and then bam, Friday night I had something close to cankles.  I woke up Saturday morning and they were gone, so I thought I might be in the clear.  Started doing chores and when Matt came downstairs (we've been sleeping in different beds... so romantic!), I lifted my pants to show him that my cankles were gone.  But, they were back.  'Tis pregnancy.  They haven't been too bad, and up until yesterday, my fingers seemed to be pretty normal but now my rings are getting a little tight, so not sure I'll make it until delivery on that front.  But, that's okay.  I am so thankful I didn't swell earlier, because the swollen feet are a bit uncomfortable, I must say.  And, I can still fit in my shoes (flats) so I can't imagine if they were even worse!  I didn't expect that it was uncomfortable, in addition to unattractive.  :)  Oh, and as if I needed proof that I was swelling, I gained 3 lbs in 5 days between my 37 and 38 week appointments.  Gotta love that scale creeping up like that right at the end, even if it is water!

Anyway, in less vain news... it would seem that there is a compatibility issue between the size of my pelvic opening and my child's head.  Now, this is really speculation on my part, but you must know that I was only 6 lbs 6 oz and after being induced and cranking up the pitocin to the highest dose, my mom did not dilate, feel a single contraction (no epidural), and I did not drop.  So, they did a c-section.  Back in the good ol' days, they used to do pelvic x-rays (which explains a lot for those who know me personally) ;) and my mom has what they called borderline pelvis.  My dad's mom also had the same thing.  So, I guess small pelvic openings run in the family.  My OB confirmed that I have an oddly shaped pubic bone, thus making my pelvic opening smaller than normal.  Matt and I also had abnormally large heads.  So, I can only speculate that Greer's head is not going to fit through, especially when I can literally feel her on top of my pelvis and in my hips (no one else seems to know what they heck I am talking about when I explain this but I feel her in my bones... it's very strange).  Also, I am sealed tight and not the least bit effaced, and the doctor joked that she was almost to my tonsils when she did my pelvic exam this week.  Sooooo, all that to say that at this point, it does not appear she's going to come on her own.  I have my 39 week appointment Monday, and if I am still not progressing at all, we'll likely discuss a c-section.  I've always assumed I would have c-sections (my mom had three) and never thought much about it, but after getting pregnant, I really changed my tune and want to deliver vaginally.  At the same time, I'm not going to force the issue.  I went to acupuncture this week in the hopes that she can get my body to start doing something... even if I'm only a centimeter dilated, we'll probably go for an induction next week just because we know that there is definitely going to be a size issue at some point if it's not already an issue.  I would love to at least try, and if nothing happens, so be it.

So, anyway.  Next Friday is my birthday and I am REALLY hoping for the best birthday present EVER.  But, no matter when or how it happens, as long as we are both healthy, that is what truly matters.  CANNOT WAIT to meet my girl!!!!  Eeeeeeek!  We are ready, and I even got my hair did (as you can see between my 37 and 38 week photos, or at least I can see... wow, it was bad).  Come, little one!

Two of my besties enjoying a spring weather tease last weekend.  Greer and Baby W are going to have a little love connection, I'm sure.  He has lots of competition though!  ;)


Lara Hejtmanek said...

you look great! I hope that all goes well and both of you girls stay healthy. Sorry about your swole feet ;) I so far (34wks) only have one swole foot - my right one. It just gets puffy looking. The left one seems to be fine! Pregnancy sure is interesting...

ghazal :) said...

hey little lady! i just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world leaning into this week! i took a social media (aka FB) hiatus, but i did not forget about you and baby G. i have been periodically checking here to see your progress. no matter when/how it happens, i know you'll do amazing and little miss greer is going to be perfect. tons of love your way! xo.