Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party of Four?

There's been a lot of talk in the "O" household lately of expanding our family, and we've decided to adopt. And, we're seriously considering 5 year old brother and sister, Max and Maddie. We have our home inspection on Sunday, and if all goes well, we could end up being parents soon!

Max and Maddie

Are we crazy going from just us to plus two? The cost alone is high for two, not to mention the hair everywhere, scratches in our wood floors, etc. But, we just fell in love with them.

We also like these two, but we haven't met Cooper yet. Maggie's picture doesn't do her justice... she's only about 40 lbs and is a lab/golden mix, if I were to guess. Her hair is soft like a golden's but the length is in between lab and golden. She doesn't have any training though, so she'd require a little more work.




Jenn said...

Yes, I do think you're crazy, but I'm excited for you!! I wonder if ppl thought this post meant you were prego and having twins. hahahaha

Kristin said...

That was the idea. ;)

EmilyB said...

I think you are smart to forgo the puppy years (spoken from the mom of an 8.5 month lab....our #2 pup!). The dogs will entertain each other, and offer amazing companionship to you and your husband. Just be prepared for dog hair....lots of it with the lab/golden mixes!!

Meredith Williams said...

I about died before the pics loaded in my google reader!! I seriously thought you were adopting children...but dogs are still really fun :):) Can't wait to walk them with you!

Kristin said...

Fun! How are you going to pick??

Alyse said...

Fun! Maybe you should try for a family of five? 3 people, 2 dogs, of course!