Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forever Young

Today would be my dad's 59th birthday. The thought of him being 59 is totally incomprehensible to me. Would he have a bald spot like my grandpa (Dad's hair never was his best feature... the three of us kids lucked out in the hair department with my mom's hair genes... thick!), would his hair be white, how would he be as a grandpa (my guess, awesome), what would my parents' relationship look like today, etc. There are just so many "what ifs" and "how would it be." But, that's life and death for you. To me, he will always be the funny, smart, loving 42-year old dad with a young wife and three young kids that I know he hated to leave behind, but I know he's still watching over us, so Happy Birthday, Daddy. We miss you and love you so much. Love - Mom, your two Sweet Peas and Bubba


Alyse said...

Happy birthday Uncle Jim!

Amy said...

Really can't believe he was just 42- getting older myself really puts it into perspective. What a great man!