Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Please pardon the poor quality of these photos, as they were taken with my iPhone (and no flash). Also, this was after Capella left, so the other bedside lamp is missing (the warehouse apparently cannot read an order and only shipped one, so she found one locally and borrowed it from the store for the shoot).

I know I've already said it, but I truly cannot say enough good things about Capella's talent. I honestly could not have made my room look anywhere close to as good as it looks without her help. There are still a few things I'm working on... a dresser for the sitting room (we're using our current one there now, but want to find something old and paint it... maybe a Dorothy Draper), a lamp for the desk (she brought one for the shoot), and the big mirror above the fireplace is actually from our living room but we brought it in for the pictures because we are eventually going to mount a TV up there.

I will make another post with a little more on the experience of working with Capella, what I would recommend if you're interested in her services (if you're local vs out of town), some of the design specifications and how we adapted them for ourselves (basically what we did and didn't do), etc. Needless to say, I look forward to doing our next room together (probably the dining room after we do the kitchen). Also, the professional photos should be up on Capella's site some time next week.

Oh, and just a reminder of the ugly before... so glad we crossed another project off the list, and in my opinion, it's the best one yet!


Katie said...

Wow! It looks GORGEOUS!

Victoria Bellow said...

It looks really nice. I love the cozy set up in your bedroom.Absolutely love the simplicity.nice blog!thanks

Amy said...

LOVE it... the colors, the style of the furniture. all of it! We're thinking of a living room overhaul this fall and it makes me want to try Capella.

Terry said...

Wow. Capella hasn't showed us everything. Congratlations.