Monday, June 21, 2010

My last few weeks in pictures (and a few words)

Where has the month gone? Don't even get me started on the year. Time flies when you're having fun... or busy... or both!

I got to see these little guys when I was in Jacksonville for my 10 year reunion. Oh, they are just too cute. They are both such sweethearts, and James absolutely cracks me up. He has such a personality, and I especially enjoyed him singing "I'm a Country Boy" to me multiple times.

Sweet, sweet Brody bear.

Aunt Kristin, let's do mean faces!

Okay, now let's do silly faces. (Wow, I look hot!)

The reunion was really fun! I helped plan it at the last minute, and it was clear that I was one of the only ones that had any event planning experience, so I was kind of running around like crazy a lot of the time making sure everything was going alright. I did get to hang out with a lot of people, but it flew by! Everyone looked really good, and it was clear that 10 years has not had a lot of effect (aging, at least) on most!

Andrea and Carrie were two of my best friends (Andrea since middle school).

Oh, Justin Sallas... how he tortured us in middle school.

Josh - senior homecoming date and co-winner of Most Likely to Succeed

The only picture I have with Matt (with his eyes open)

E^3 and me - cheerleading pose. It had to be done.

Jello shots, anyone?


This past weekend, we kept busy between my (our) dear friend Jenny's baby shower and the 3rd Annual Rib Off on Saturday and doing stuff around the house all day Sunday. I captured this adorable picture of my precocious (yes, that extra "oc" are in there on purpose, although she is also quite precious) "niece" Madelyn at the shower. She's such a monkey.

I am proud to report that my husband reigns supreme as the BBQ master! He's now won two of three Rib Off competitions. Last year there was no official judging process because it was just disorganized and people were pulling their ribs off at different times. Although, we admit that if there had been judging, we think another guy would have won. Instead, we declared the winner as the banana pudding prepared by Caitlin. He has all the good pictures on his camera, but below is one of us out celebrating his win at the Warren. A bit of celebratory dancing was involved to work off all the calories.

This week is going to be busy working, working out and working on our master bedroom. We cleared it out yesterday and it's ready for the painter on Wednesday. I'm still waiting on two lamps, need to complete the desk (a drawer repair and new knobs/pulls), sand/paint and re-cover two chairs, frame some art, and accessorize! And, hopefully, all of this before next Tuesday. I can't wait to see (and show you) the end result!

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Marden Family said...

So I wonder if your really cute one-shoulder dress would fit me? I need a dress for my reuniun in November- maybe I could potentially borrow?! It's only fitting we wear the exact same dress to our respective reunions ;)