Monday, November 3, 2008

Deep in Enemy Territory

It's not so bad living in enemy territory (that's Bulldog country) when you cream the enemy 49-10. I loved coming to work this morning. I only rubbed it in subtly, as the game hurt those Georgia fans bad enough, but of course I had to ruffle a few feathers.

A lot of people are predicting Florida to play in the National Championship against Penn State. I certainly won't be holding my breath, but you can bet I'll be cheering them on the whole way there! Especially this weekend in Vandy and next weekend in Gainesville (which could be two tough games and we still have to beat Florida State). Assuming all of that happens, if anyone has the skinny on SEC tickets, holler at me!

P.S. I had a VERY productive (and sober) weekend. Thank you notes are done, and now I just need stamps! Hallelujah!

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