Monday, July 9, 2012

Still in the game

It was close there for a bit.  Everything has been progressing nicely as far as my eggs are concerned, but at my day 8 appointment yesterday, we discovered that my progesterone was starting to creep up, which is not what you want to see.  It was 1.9 and you really want it to be less than 2 or 3.  Progesterone is one of the hormones that is involved with ovulation (and pregnancy), so basically my body is trying to ovulate again.  The bad thing with that is that they wanted another day of growth (and they got it!) but if my progesterone gets too high, it will basically render all of the nice, big eggs I've got useless.  My estrogen was 2300 yesterday and is 3510 today, so hopefully that means I've got lots of good eggs!

So, there was a lot of anxiety today as I waited for the phone call to let me know if were were still in this game.  Thankfully, my progesterone has only gone up to 2.6 which is higher than ideal but still within an acceptable range.  So, I will be doing the hCG trigger tonight (half the usual dose since my body is already well on its way to ovulation), pre-op tomorrow morning, and egg retrieval on Wednesday!  Trying to stay positive and hopeful that we will have better results than last time and that my progesterone doesn't increase to the point of killing all my pretty eggs.

“Hold fast and have courage.  Put away fear because no matter where you journey, I your God, will be with you.”  -Joshua 1:9

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