Monday, July 30, 2012

Beta #3 & Olympics Musings

Beta #3 was yesterday and my hCG was up to 460, which means it's doubling at a rate of 59.5 hours as compared to Beta #2.  So, nice and steady wins the race.  I go back Thursday, and it should be over 1,000 at that point.  Pretty sure that will be my last one, assuming all goes well.  It's hard to believe this is even happening.  I've been praying a lot of thanks, which doesn't seem adequate, and a lot of prayers that everything continues to go well and this baby or these babies are healthy.  I've also prayed so much for my friends (ones I know in person and ones I know through the interwebs) who are waiting for their miracles.  We're still quite a ways from our desired end result, but there were days I truly questioned if we would even get this far.

Okay, now to the Olympics.  Can someone please explain to me how the gymnast who finished FOURTH in the qualifying doesn't even get to compete in the all around finals?  Honestly.  I wanted to cry for her, too.  Jordyn Wieber - life sucks sometimes, and it's not always fair.  But how you handle it says so much about who you are and who you'll become.  And from what I can tell, you are full of class and grace, my dear.  Hopefully this inane rule will be changed.  It won't change things for Jordyn, but I have full confidence that she's going to suck it up and come out and perform her best tomorrow for the team finals.  Go for that gold!!!  Go USA!

P.S.  I was afraid the early pregnancy exhaustion would really put a damper on my Olympics watching, but I stayed up last night and will have to do so again tonight and tomorrow for Men's and Women's Gymnastics Team Finals.  I could take a good hour nap daily, but so far, I have not had the exhaustion I hear people complain about.  Or any nausea.  Praise the Lord for that.  I know it's still early and there's still plenty of time for that to set in, but I'll just choose to believe that I will be spared.  ;)

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The Granberrys said...

Yay for rising betas! : ) I find the gymnastics rule comparative to the BCS- not fair at all!