Thursday, July 12, 2012

God is GOOD

God is always good, even when shiz is "bad", but I'm feeling especially enveloped in His goodness today.  Remind me of this if things don't go how I want.  :)

So, to back things up... when I last posted, I mentioned that my progesterone was going up and my estrogen was also pretty high.  At my pre-op appointment, they did futher bloodwork and my estrogen was up to 5500 (high!) and my progesterone was 13, which is good after the hCG shot apparently.  However, I was still mildly concerned that I would either ovulate before the retrieval or the eggs would not be good due to the increase in progesterone.  I am also in the danger zone for ovarian hyperstimulation, but so far, I have been fine.  Very sore (read on and you'll understand why), but fine.

So, I go in for the retrieval yesterday, and it was a lot like the last one EXCEPT we got THIRTY-TWO - 32!!!! - eggs!  OMG.  We only got 14 last time, if you recall.  So, things seemed to be looking up at that point.  If we had the same fertilization rate as last time (23%), we would have 7-8 fertilized embryos, which is a big increase.  Well, I was THRILLED to hear that we had ELEVEN eggs fertilize!  Six were immature, so they injected sperm into 26 via ICSI, and 11 took (a 42% fertilization rate).  This is still lower than "normal" (65-70%), but it's better than last time so we will take it.  Now, we obviously have no idea what will happen with those 11, but I just pray that our baby (or babies) are in there, and that God willing we get to that stage, the embryo(s) will develop into a healthy baby(ies).

We won't know anything more until Saturday morning.  We're tentatively scheduled for a Day 3 transfer, but my hope is that we've got enough good looking embryos on Day 3 that they'll call us and tell us we look good for a blastocyst transfer on Monday.  Either way, things seem to be looking up compared to last time!  Anything can happen, but I am choosing to remain positive and hopeful.

And, since we've already determined that I have no shame, a before and after shot.  I'm proudly showing off my 32 eggs.  ;)


Jamie Blake said...

32?!?!! Wow, that is great! Praying all those babies fertilize well. It's gonna work this time around.

The Granberrys said...

Hooray! Prayers!

Katie Farmand said...

PRAISE!!! That is great news. You're on my mind a lot, and I've been praying, praying for y'all. Hoping this is IT!! :) XO

meghan said...

Yay! How exciting! This is excellent news! Can't wait to hear more! Praying for y'all! :)

AEOT said...

Congrats on everything so far! Praying now that this is awesome baby making in progress!!