Friday, August 29, 2008

One Year Shy of 30...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, handsome, funny fiance... very soon-to-be husband! Not only is today his birthday, it is his Golden Birthday! I swear I didn't make that up, but some people look at me like I did. Your golden birthday is when you turn the same age as the day of your birthday... for him, it's 29 on the 29th. (Same for me, too!) I really like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but this year it's just not going to happen. I haven't even gotten him a card yet! Good thing for me, he could give a crap. I'm pretty sure the three of you that read my blog already know plenty about Matt and why I love him, but I'm going to refresh your memories anyway with 29 reasons I love my 29 year old man (this list certainly isn't all inclusive).

1. He's good looking.
2. He's smart.
3. He researches everything before he makes a purchase.
4. He's thoughtful.
5. He has a great laugh.
6. He makes me laugh.
7. He knows when to let things go and when to fight back.
8. He can cook pretty well.
9. He has beautiful eyes (sometimes they're light brown and sometimes they're sort of green).
10. He's a Gator.
11. He likes the house cold like I do.
12. He's super handy.
13. He can reach the things I can't and doesn't get annoyed when I ask him to get something for me.
14. He loves his family.
15. He's good at his job and takes pride in it.
16. He's a good kisser (I'll spare you the TMI).
17. He's a good and loyal friend.
18. He's honest.
19. He is a good saver, but he's not cheap.
20. He enjoys good food and wine as much as me and isn't afraid to try new things.
21. He likes to travel and is adventurous.
22. He works hard and plays hard... sometimes too hard, on both accounts ;).
23. He's great with kids, and I know he'll make a great dad.
24. He's strong.
25. He has a romantic moment every now and then. :)
26. He has an ecclectic taste in music.
27. He's a great snuggler.
28. He listens (when it's important). hehe
and, most importantly...
29. He loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me! (Amazing, huh?)

Happy Birthday, my love! I love you more than words can express, and I can't wait to spend many, many more birthdays with you!


And, just because I can't resist, this is my favorite story about Matt. It is such a simple thing, but I think it shows a lot about him. I was staying at his house one night and he was leaving the next morning before I got up to go out of town. I got up and got in the shower and realized that he would have packed his toothpaste, so I wouldn't have anything to brush my teeth with. I got out of the shower and looked at the bathroom counter. Lo and behold, there sits my toothbrush with toothpaste on it. I know it's such a silly thing, but who thinks of that at 5am? Matt.


Miss Lord of the Pageant said...

I heart my K!

I love love love love how Matt being a Gator ranks higher than him loving his family.

You, my dear, have your priorities in a line. Whenever I see a gater plate/decal/shirt I immediately think of you!

Kristin said...

hahahaha, they're not in order... guess I should have prefaced the list with that. But, being a Gator would of course rank #2 behind loving me! ;)

Miss Lord of the Pageant said...

You have alumni loyality. Makes me feel bad. I'm not much in the way of a die hard Cardinals fan.

Ball State could blow up tomorrow and once I learned the people *I* care for are okay, I'd probably laugh my ass off.

virginiagirl76 said...

you are so cute it is unreal!!!!
i loved that story and the reasons listed why you love matt!!!

virginia girl