Wednesday, August 27, 2008


1. I am still alive. Still stressed, but alive. Being alive is good.

2. I am almost ready to move tomorrow. Well, I have been more than ready, so I should say I am almost prepared. :)

3. It's amazing what a week can do for someone. Matt is now ready to go back to Vegas. Isn't it amazing how short term memory can be!?

4. I have the most amazing grandmas ever. I was lucky enough to spend the night with Gram last night. I cherish every moment with her... such an amazing woman. And, we share so many views on life, like voting Republican. :) She's really one of the two coolest grandmas ever. The other is Memere. I got to see her oh so briefly today. She is the best happy birthday singer ever and she always smells good. It is not my birthday, so she didn't sing to me, but that is just a point of information I thought you should know. She also votes Republican. :)

5. I got a convertible as a rental car. It ruled. I drove with the top down back from my meetings in Bradenton this morning. It was so beautiful down there, and I turned up the music and soaked up the sun cruising over the Sunshine Skyway (aptly named)!
Then, I randomly ran into my cousin Chris and his girlfriend, Hilary, at the airport. They were headed to NY for her sister's wedding. And, I had a first class seat on my return flight. All of these things were definitely destressers!

6. The best time of the year is upon us. That's right friends, college football starts tomorrow. And, my Gators (yes, they are mine) play Hawaii at 12:30 on Saturday. I am CHOMPING at the bit! I might even be more excited for the start of football than for my own wedding. Don't tell my mom. You can tell Matt. He'd appreciate that. Actually, my mom might too. I get my love of football from her.
(and, just so you know, our wedding is OF COURSE on a bye weekend... I consulted the football gods before picking a date)

Just keep breathing...

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