Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...

Well, I pulled the trigger and here I am! I've known for some time that I was going to start a blog (which is short for weblog, for those who didn't know), but I thought I would wait until I got married. Since I've now established a google account using my soon-to-be new name, I thought, "What they hey?" And, here I am. One month and counting until that whole marriage thing, by the way. So, basically, I am going to use this to post random musings about my life... anything and everything from the last month of wedding planning, adjusting to being married and living with a BOY (ew, gross), and I am sure my obsession with pageants (and, for the next week and a half, the Olympics) will sneak in there somewhere.

Speaking of the Olympics, Michael Phelps is a freaking machine. I mean, seriously. How is he so good? And, how is Ryan Lochte so dang cute? And, why do their bodies have to be so chiseled?

Yum. But, I digress. I was really happy that the US Men's Gymnastics Team got the bronze medal! I love a good underdog story. I was somewhat disappointed with the US Women, I'm not going to lie. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can't fathom the pressure or being able to do what they do, but I really thought they were going to pull it out. I felt so bad for Alicia Sacrimone... bless her heart, as they say in the South. But, that's life. She has to suck it up and go for the gold in her individual apparatus competition on the vault. And, look for Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin to kick some butt in the all around. Shawn Johnson is one of the most consistent gymnasts I have seen in a while. And, girl throws a standing full on the beam... in layman's terms, a back flip with a full twist on a 4" wide piece of wood covered in leather. Yeah. I am looking forward to more swimming and diving, more Michael Phelps gold medals, and I am ready for track and field! And, just in case you haven't been following, the USA is still in the lead in the medal count with 29 medals over China's 27, but China has more golds. Some of them may not be legit (ahem, women's gymnastics... some of those girls were definitely not 16 this year), but even though they may have cheated, they did rock.

So, in other news, it's fitting that I started this blog today and called it sepia-tone-lovin, because I'm going to see Jack Johnson tonight! Oh, how I love me some Jack. The blog was to be named Better Together (one of his songs, and one of my faves), but many variations of that were taken, so I went with a line from the song. I'm planning to sneak my camera in, so I will post pictures in a future blog (assuming I don't die from excitement of seeing him in concert for the first time in three years). xoxo!


Miss Lord of the Pageant said...

Welcome to the world of internet self promotion, heh.

As of last night the Chinese were kicking American ass in medal count. They're ahead by one medal.

Swimming and gymnastics are a peep show - those boys are so amazingly hot. I could look like that, I just don't wanna! :P

Amy said...

Welcome, welcome!! How was the big concert???