Thursday, October 4, 2012

Second Trimester... and randomness

Why yes, that is the same dress as I wore for my 13 week picture but in a different color.  :)
Second trimester... where's my energy?!  I feel it slowly creeping back, although I really think my exhaustion is as much a function of my sleep the night before than it is placenta making at this point.  Other than the sleep issues, I am feeling good and I have been in much better spirits than I was when I wrote my last post.  Matt had a dream that we got the results and Baby O did not have Down syndrome.  I thought that was a good sign.  My initial gut feeling was that the baby does not have DS, but I have gone back and forth on that since.  I just feel like there have been some signs that s(he) does, but then again, I am probably noticing things more now, you know?  I guess hopefully we'll have a better indication of it one way or another soon!

The thing I am most excited about is that my BFF and I are hosting a very small little baby shower luncheon in honor of another BFF this weekend!  Which means that several of my most favoritest people in the world will all be under one roof.  This makes me happy.  Also, the Gators take on LSU this weekend, and I am FIRED UP!  I am not expecting a win, but I am quite hopeful. 

Lastly, I did not watch the entire debate last night (I just get annoyed and I'm voting for Romney... I've known this since 2008), but from what I saw, I thought he did great.  I do not agree with his entire platform (or with parts, hello reproductive health/assistance, of Ryan's plan, which I don't see becoming a reality).  As I've said many times before, I am socially moderate to liberal even.  But, to me, this election is a referendum on the economy, and Romney is the clear choice.  If you don't agree, that is fine and the beauty of America... we can all go vote on November 6 and make our voices heard.  Plus, while I appreciate that Obama has publically announced his support of gay marriage, nothing has changed while he's been in office, so that alone does not earn my vote.  So, anyway.  I thought Romney was the clear "victor" of what I saw in the debates last night, and I hope many undecided were watching and agree that it is time for change... Obama had his chance and he has not delivered on many of his promises from 2008.  Time will tell.


ty said...

You are seriously the cutest little prego ever. EVERRRR.

(4 years isn't enough to clean up such a large mess)


CrysHouse said...

I loved your comment on my blog; you certainly nailed it with your comment about infertility. Simply put, that's what I am. And frankly, I probably always will be--due to diagnoses, and struggles and 7.5 years I sure as hell won't forget.

I think the struggle comes in learning to navigate that line as a pregnant infertile. Do you have that problem at all, or is it just me? I've been wondering lately, and then I feel guilty because I'm so happy. (And I KNOW you guys are, too.)

So cute, by the way. I love that dress.

Also, it's nice to have someone to do this "with."

Kristin said...

Crys, I am mostly trying to just live in the moment, but yes. I don't want to (and won't) forget the journey to get to this point, especially knowing we will likely be here again. And, I don't want people to think that because I am pregnant, it changes my feelings on that. But, I'm mostly trying to just be appreciative and thankful that I am where I am right now.

Jordan Rothwell said...

Love that bump! Praying...

Molly Hargather said...

you look beautiful! can't believe I haven't seen you yet. we should change that soon. and by the way, i was exhausted for most all of my's just the way it is. so excited for y'all!