Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just stuff

Work is crazy, but crazy can be good (when it equals job security said the girl who works in an industry hard hit by the recession and who has been laid off twice!).

The Gators are #2 in the BCS.  NEVER (ever ever ever) would I have imagined that at the beginning of this season.  Wow.  We've got some big games coming up... South Carolina this weekend, Georgia next weekend, Missouri the following weekend (though Vandy beat them at home, so I'm not so worried about that one), a few fluff games (much needed), and then our most hated rival, Florida State in Tallanasty.

I survived my first WOD back at CrossFit after an 8 month hiatus.  Three rounds of 25 kettlebell swings and 25 pull-ups.  Rx was 53# on the KBs and unassisted pull-ups.  I did discover that I can still bang out some unassisted pull-ups (it's all about the kip, my friends), but they modified my workout big time.  The trainer wouldn't even let me do pull-ups, and instead I did ring rows.  I could've handled the pull-ups (assisted), but I appreciate that they are looking out for me (and baby) and easing me back into it.  I also only did 25# KB swings.  I would have probably gone for 35# if they let me pick, and I am glad they didn't.  My HR was high enough with only 25#.  I picked up a 53# KB to put it away for another girl when the WOD was over, and I laughed.  Holy crap, I forgot how heavy those things are!  Being pregnant also means no burpees.  I could get used to this!  :)

Some days I honestly wonder if the baby is growing in there, because my stomach can be so "flat" (relatively speaking, of course).  But, I think I'm just getting used to what it looks like now, because I definitely cannot button any of my pants.  But, last night I took a bath after CrossFit to try to help with some of the soreness I knew I'd be experiencing, and I noticed that all of a sudden, the linea negra has started to form on the lowest part of my abdomen!  I swear, it came out of nowhere.  So, obviously things have to be "working" if that's starting to happen.  I really don't spend a lot of time worrying if the baby is okay, but after having so many appointments up front, it is weird to go 4 weeks without any checking in.  I have an OB appointment Monday, so I will look forward to hearing that sweet heartbeat on the doppler to get me until my 19 week u/s.  :)

Oh, and the Ryan Bingham concert was fantastic, as always.  Not that I can feel it, but I am quite certain baby was busting a move or two or at least doing the foot tap and snap (patented move).  I saw another prego there, and I was happy knowing that our children will be exposed to good music that you don't hear on the radio.

Lastly, I think I might need this for Halloween.  Hilarious.

Au revoir for now.

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Alyse said...

I hadn't noticed until after I miscarried that the linea negra was prominently there... Then one day I looked and was like "eww." haha... I even double checked with Landon, "Umm, was that like this before I was pregnant?" Because I was thinking maybe I just hadn't noticed it before. But he assured me it was from pregnancy and hadn't been there before :) whew.