Friday, October 19, 2012

16 weeks and other musings

Hit the 16 week mark on Wednesday!  2/5 of the way there.  It's definitely flying by and in just under 3 weeks, we'll get to see Baby O again!  Woo to the hoo!

13 weeks, 14 weeks, 15 weeks, 16 weeks... looks like growth to me.  Although the camera angle at 13 weeks is probably a little misleading.
New this week besides the beginning of "the line" is that I read that I am no longer supposed to be lying on my back.  Now, I'm a stomach sleeper anyway, so this isn't a huge deal.  Except that it's becoming uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach, particularly if my bladder is partially full (which seems to be all the time).  So, all of a sudden, I wake up every hour or so on my back.  And, I really don't want to change positions.  Just funny that as soon as I can't sleep on my back, now I want to!  :)  Enter the body pillow I will be purchasing today from Amazon.

I've survived two WODs back at CrossFit and feel good.  A little sore but I feel stronger and more in shape already.  It's amazing what using your muscles can do for your psyche.  I think I was somewhere around 230# on a one rep max (1RM) deadlift (DL) before I took my hiatus, and I hit 175# yesterday.  I know I could've hit 185# but I'm trying not to overdo it.  The nice thing about the DL is that it is an exercise I should be able to do throughout my pregnancy, and it works several large muscle groups.  The trainer and I talked, and he assured me that he has trained many a prego in the past and understands the fine line between stressing my body in a good way and stressing the baby.  It basically comes down to my heartrate, which I am aware of.  So, for example, instead of pullups in Monday's WOD, he had me do the ring rows because they would not spike my heartrate as much (since my hands were not directly over my head) and since the KB swings would get my HR up (and they did).  It's just nice to know that I'm not the only one that's making sure that what I am doing is okay for me and baby.

Gooooooooooo Gators!!!!!  I wish I was going to the game, but it's probably a good thing I'm not because I think we've lost the last two SC games I attended... maybe three?  Yes, I am superstitious when it comes to college football.

Going to be a gorgeous weekend here in Atlanta and hope the same for you!


CrysHouse said...

I realized this week just how badly I need a body pillow. A link to the one you bought?

Kristin said...

Crys, I am getting this one -