Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jumping on the bandwagon...

At least for this week.

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Baby's Size:  About 5 inches from crown to rump and weighing in at a whopping 5 ounces!

Gender:  I have a secret... we found out at my 12 week nuchal translucency ultrasound.  :)  We will confirm in two weeks and then we'll probably go public.  I didn't want to know and Matt did, so we had the u/s tech write it down on a piece of paper.  Well, once I had that it my hands (and Matt was convinced of what he saw... I didn't look), it didn't take more than 15 minutes for him to open it and reveal it to me.  I will never forget that moment, and I must say, for someone who was previously adamant that I would not want to know the sex of my babies before they were born, I don't regret knowing for a second.

Movement:  Maybe.  My OB said if I thought I've felt something, I probably have.  But, I'm still not convinced.

Sleep:  What's that?  ;)  It's just okay.  I am tired and I generally fall asleep pretty well, but I just wake up A LOT.

Maternity Clothes:  Not really yet.  I wore maternity pants twice this weekend, so I'm getting there but I'm still mostly wearing my usual clothes (and using the belly band with pants).  I've gained +/- 7 lbs so far (I'm not really sure what my starting weight was because I almost never weigh myself except at the dr), so I guess that's pretty good.  I swear, 2 lbs of that is in my boobs.  Good lawd!

Symptoms:  Sleep issues and resulting tiredness, headaches (not usual for me), expanding abdomen, fascination with said expanding abdomen, some things even I don't feel comfortable saying on the interwebs (hehe).

Aversions:  I think I've actually gotten over most of my aversions.  But, the thought of eating yellow squash is repulsive.  So random.

Cravings:  Root beer, salads, sushi, soup (I always crave soup when it starts to cool down though).

What I miss:  This is a funny question to ask someone who did (thankfully just) two rounds of IVF and already lost one little nugget.  NOTHING.  Yes, I miss drinking beer and eating raw sushi and drinking wine and sleeping well and not getting almost daily afternoon headaches, but not in the grand scheme of things.  I know how lucky I am, and I feel grateful every day this little babe is growing bigger and stronger.

Feelings toward pregnancy:  Amazement.  Awe.  Fascination with the changing body.  Joy.  Gratitude.  Disbelief at times.  Humble.  I love my little belly (not because I think it's pretty but just what it represents), however I think Matt is scared of it.  Haha.

Best moment this week:  Hearing that sweet heartbeat on Monday and getting good results on my AFP bloodwork!

What I'm looking forward to in the next week:  My University of Florida Fighting Gators kicking the Dawgs' butts (pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!).  Go Gators!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but I think I really popped this week.  Not so much that my belly looks bigger in general (I'm sure it is), but it used to be that my stomach was pretty flat when I got up in the AM and until I got some decent food and drink into me.  It is definitely not flat anymore.  Also, the skirt I'm wearing above is one that I wear fairly frequently, but it's a little big usually.  It fit pretty well the last time I wore it (probably two weeks ago), and I am pretty certain that yesterday was the last time I will wear it for a long while!  It's just funny to me how quickly things change when I don't even realize they are.


CrysHouse said...

I love so much about's hard to put it into words :)

But mostly, I think I'm just amazed at what a gift this is. I know you know what I mean.

ty said...

EEEEE!!!! I wanna know if the little bambino has an innie or an outie :)

Erica said...

we found out with a 70 % accuracy at that same scan at 13 wks...and sure enough our 20 wk appt confirmed :) Cant wait till you reveal!!!!!!!!!!

The Granberrys said...

You're looking great! Love your view on pregnancy- I feel the same! Cannot wait to hear what you're having...I vote boy!!

ty said...

hahahaha loved the comment -- okk, I won't root AGAINST the Gators, per se ... I'll just watch :)

(PS, you're a no-reply gal! I wasn't sure if you knew or not, but I was going to email you and I couldn't!)