Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Having a birthday on a Monday, especially when your husband works out of town, does not lead to a very exciting day (which is why we celebrated this weekend). All day people asked me what I was going to do that evening to celebrate... my response... go to the gym. Trust me, it was needed after this weekend. So, for my birthday, I got to do a total of 100 box jumps and 76 pull ups (not all at once) in addition to some other fun. Do you know what happens when you do 76 pullups in the course of one workout? Apparently when you get to somewhere around 72, the skin starts to rip of your hands. I have one spot on the palm of my left hand and two spots on my right hand (palm and callus area below the finger) where my skin ripped clean off. Yowzer! Let me tell you, the washing of the hands, body and hair does not feel so good on the raw skin.

Oh, and my mom did not forget my birthday, but since she waited until the end of the day to call me, I thought she did. And thinking she did was almost as bad as if she really did.

But, a lot of other people remembered my birthday (earlier in the day), like all those people on Facebook. ;) My friend Mary Stuart took me to lunch at Souper Jenny (love), and another friend Meredith joined. It was a lovely girls' lunch with lots of good conversation. You've heard me boast of Mary Stuart's awesome realtor abilities before, and I am so glad that we have stayed friends! We started attending the church that she and her husband are very active in, which is also how I met Meredith, who happens to be the wife of one of my coworkers.

And, this weekend was chock full of eating, because that's what I do to commemorate any situation or milestone. Matt took me to Canoe on Friday, which was delicious and in typical fashion for us, something was slightly off (in this case, we didn't get our wine until more than half way through our entree... we did order it a bit late in the meal, but they should have held our entrees and then the bottle we ordered was out), so we ended up with two free glasses of delicious pinot noir from Willamette Valley (Oregon) that rivals my love of a good Russian River Valley pinot, as well as two free desserts IN ADDITION TO the birthday dessert they brought me. That plus Chick-fil-a for lunch on Saturday and Fox Bros BBQ for lunch on Sunday with friends = must workout on birthday. One year older, maybe wiser, and thankful for my life.


Amy said...

Happy belated birthday! I DID remember and all day kept thinking, I should send Kristin a quick email before I forget - but obviously I didn't listen to myself cause I'm lame like that. Anyway, it sounds like you had a fun weekend!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday!! I am glad you had a good day! If for no other reason, FB really makes you feel loved on your birthday!!