Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am alive.

Just been busy! But, I really did have to pop in to get this off my chest. What the heck is up with the sidebar and pop-up ads when you log on to They seriously have some of the creepiest pictures of people that do not at all seem to go with the ad. Has anyone else noticed this!?

Also, one of my friends is in town for a work meeting, and we were supposed to get together for dinner tonight. Well, she had to cancel because they have to give some big group presentation tomorrow, so she has to prep tonight. Not a big deal, but I turned down an invitation to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Best in Atlanta Real Estate - Deals of the Decade awards dinner tonight and a movie date with my awesome friend, Mary Stuart. Total bummer. So, now a trip to Target and Grey's/Private Practice by my lonesome are in my future.

One last thing, found out one of my other awesome friends, Jenny, and her awesome husband, Matt, are having a BABY GIRL today (hmmm, just re-read that... today I found out they are having a girl... not they are having a girl! So excited for them.

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