Friday, March 26, 2010


I have excess fat. Officially. (Tell me something I didn't already know, why dontcha!?)

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I started working out at CrossFit North Atlanta a few weeks ago. As part of your initial training, you get a free Bod Pod test. I finally was able to schedule mine this morning. It looks like a little space ship. After getting on a scale, you get into the machine, and it pumps in some air (you don't feel anything) and measures your fat, fat free mass, body volume, body density and thoracic gas volume. It also gives you an estimate of your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and your total energy expenditure (TEE) for various activity levels.

It is what it is, and in order to hold myself somewhat more accountable, I am going to share the results with the world wide interwebs. I will NOT, however, share the pictures I took this morning in my super sexy sports bra and hot shorts. I'm sparing your eyes. I am 5'3", I weigh 133.548 lbs (I prefer to round down to 133), and my body fat percentage is........ 30.4%! I am, how shall I say, well endowed... so, I'd like to safely attribute a few percentage points of body fat to my bust. ;) If it makes me feel better, let me have it. This is actually right where I thought I'd be... I estimated that I weighed 133-135 before going in with 30% body fat. 30-40% body fat is considered excess fat, or an excess accumulation of fat over time. So, it really shouldn't take too much for me to drop into the moderately lean category, and I will anxiously await those test results (I'll probably get re-tested in 12 weeks to see how I've progressed).

I will say, however, I can definitely see an improvement since I started just three weeks ago. I can *almost* do a pull-up with the lowest resistance band and was able to complete 40 yesterday (not all at once... took breaks every 3-5 pullups) with the second lowest band. Being strong is fun.


Patty said...

It's so great that you can see improvement already, keep it up!

Amy said...

That's really not very much excess fat... but I think it's awesome that you're working so hard! I wish I would have had a body fat test when we started p90x. Keep it up!

Marden Family said...

You are a machine. Do some pullups for me!!