Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got worms!

Ten points if you know what movie that quote is from. Jenn, you don't count. ;)

So, as I've gotten married, bought a house, talked about getting a dog and having children one day, and just generally have become an old fogie, I realized I actually like working in our yard. I mean, I have always been fairly outdoorsy, but when asked what our plans were for the past weekend, my response was that we were working in the yard and that I was EXCITED about it. Sad, but true.

So, that's what we did... racked up nice bills at Pike's Nursery and Home Depot and spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday working in the yard and around the house. In fact, we didn't turn on the TV for 48 hours straight. We're not couch potatoes, but we are definitely TV people, so that was pretty big.

However, this is all a bunch of rambling and has nothing to do with the moral of this story, which is this... gardening and digging in the dirt are NOT hobbies for someone with an unfounded, irrational fear of worms (me). Every time I would accidentally pick one up or see one when I dug a hole, I'd get the heeby jeebies. At one point, I actually forced myself to stare at it to try to conquer my fears. It kind of worked. As long as no one puts them in my bed (Brandi and Steve, I'm talking to you...), I think I'll be okay. Maybe I'll even start to like the little creepy crawlies. I am appreciative that we have so many of them since that means we have healthy soil. Just don't try to make your way into my house, little wormies, or we'll have problems.


Marden Family said...

I count!! All I'll say is "It's the shaggin' wagon. Chicks dig it."

Amy said...

love the movie reference :). We have lots of worms in our soil and when it rains they crawl up on the patio and die (or almost die) and Easton likes to go to the window and point them all out. I think he's afraid of them too. If I walk outside he tells me to "watch out for the worms mom, don't turn them on". Because when they're still alive if you touch them or get too close they still wiggle i.e "turn on" and he freaks out. I'm sure your yard will look awesome!

Heather said...

um Dumb and Dumber?? I know the line, but can't think of the movie right now!!