Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday musings

  • I was in NY Monday and Tuesday for work. I love that I can travel for my job, especially now while Matt isn't at home and we don't have any kids. I ended up wrapping up all of my work on Monday and my flight wasn't until 3 on Tuesday, so I had the day free. I did a little shopping at H&M and came away with four dresses and a pair of shoes for under $150. I love that place, and I swear the ones in NY (especially the 5th Ave store and the 34th St store) are better than the one here. And, I love NY.
  • Because of said shopping trip, my Kentucky Derby wardrobe is complete (outfit to wear out Friday night and Derby day dress). My Miss USA trip wardrobe is also complete (same outfit I'm wearing to go out Friday night for the Derby, plus a couple day dresses). I already got my dress for the pageant, and I LOVE IT. I ended up only paying $30 for it, because I had a $50 gift certificate (from an auction where I only bid $25) and a 20% off coupon. Score!
  • We need tickets to the Derby. I officially do not want to be in the infield. I will deal if we can't find some reasonably ($150 or less) priced tickets, but I really want to be able to see the race. That is why I am going! If any of you happen to know of anyone selling them, let me know.
  • Matt is going to Wanee (a music festival in Live Oak, FL) this weekend, so I'm spending some QT with my favorite family of three tonight and tomorrow. We have major plans of going for a walk, playing with Jenn's new hair accessory, and taking a picnic to the Dogwood Festival tomorrow. The days of hitting the bars until 2am are long gone, my friends. Although, we do need to save up our energy for the Derby in two weeks.
  • Apparently, I'm very approachable and have a sign on my fiveforehead that says tell me things. Because, NY cab drivers always tell me semi-interesting stories that I'm not sure they'd tell every rider.
  • TGIF!!!! Have a great weekend!

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