Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, I didn't win the lottery...

So, it's back to work this chilly Monday. We've got a few things to finish up in the half bath, but it is SUCH an improvement. I'll post pictures as soon as it's put back together. I am still looking for a white corner shelving/storage piece. The bathroom has a corner that is just a lot of wasted space, so I need something to fill it in. If you have any suggestions of where to get one, let me know (Target shockingly does not have one... should probably look online though). I also need a mirror with a brushed nickel type finish. I have a round one, but Matt doesn't seem to keen on putting in there (he says it looks like a porthole... lol).

And, yeah, can we talk about the heart attack I had watching the Gators on Saturday!?!? Good Lord! I was so amped, I think I burned 500 calories. I couldn't sit still, and I was so antsy that I went into the bathroom to continue painting on each commercial break. Then I ran out of paint before half time, and I really couldn't imagine suffering through the second half without being able to distract myself. So, I decided to go get paint during half time (both a bad and good idea). It took me much longer than expected due to traffic and I didn't make it home until the start of the 4th quarter. At that point, we'd come back, so Matt wouldn't let me watch the game/I couldn't stand to watch it. So, I painted and stuck my head out for replays. HAHA! Seriously, I am pathetic. I did watch the field goal and last ditch effort by Arkansas, though. We still won, so maybe I'm not bad luck. Plus, they fumbled (AGAIN) while I was driving, so it couldn't have been me. ;) So many missed opportunities in that game by both teams, but happy that my Gators are still #1. They're hanging on by a thread though. C'mon boys!

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