Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cancer Sucks

That's the truth. I work with a lot of awesome people, but one of the most awesomest is an analyst I work with named Greg. Greg started with our company right out of college and has grown a lot in the last year and a half. We work together on several deals, so we've gotten to know each other well. He has an absolute heart of gold and would do anything for those around him. Greg became very involved with Young Life when he was in high school and remains very close to his YL leaders today. Unfortunately, his Christian mentor and former YL leader was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma last year. He's been fighting quite the fight, and to read his and his wife's updates on their Caring Bridge site is to be humbled and inspired. After many rounds of treatment, Sweeney is stuck. The last thing he can try is a clinical trial for TIL therapy. Pricetag = $200,000. Cost covered by insurance = $0 (because it's still in the trial phase). You can read about their journey here. Please pray for Sweeney's healing, as well as the funds to proceed with this hopefully life saving treatment. And, if you feel so inclined, you can learn about donating money for Sweeney's treatment here. Every little bit counts. They've already gotten over $125,000 in a few short days. I think that shows how much this young couple has touched a lot of people. I've never met them, and they have touched me.

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Marden Family said...

That is so sad. I will definitely say a prayer for them. Everytime I watch Brothers and Sisters I get so sad when they show Kitty and that isn't even real!