Monday, August 3, 2009


We made it! I admit, I was cursing Matt all day long while I was handling the move by myself on Thursday, but it was very unfair of me, because he'd obviously much rather be here than in the booming metropolis of Tifton. I did call him at one point and told him, in a not very happy tone, that I was going on vacation the next time we moved and he was doing it himself. He said, very sweetly, "okay." No backtalk. I knew then how bad he felt that I was doing it alone. Plus, like my type-A personality would ever leave the packing and moving of our stuff to him... not that he couldn't do it, but I NEED to be in control over how it all gets packed! :)

We had a broken vase that I was able to glue back together, a broken wine glass, and the glass of a picture frame cracked. We still have two or three boxes to unpack (mostly picture frames), so hopefully nothing else broke!

And, Matt amazed me again with his handy skills by making the dryer fit! Hallelujah! He cut into the drywall and used a "telescope" dryer vent thing, and voila! The bifold door kind of hits the dryer door a bit so the door will be scratched, but whatever. It's a dryer... it fits and it works.

Speaking of it working, so I guess we're just entering the realm of modern, "higher end" appliances. We have a GE stainless french door fridge and an LG front loading washer and Samsung dryer. What the heck is the deal with the noises these things make? The beeping sound when you change the cubed ice to crushed ice to water on the fridge and the beeping on the washer and dryer are this high pitched futuristic sounding beeps. It cracks me up. When our washer finishes a load, it literally plays a song... I'd say a full 10 seconds of this chiming in different notes that is a very cheerful little song. I guess most people don't enjoy doing laundry, so they're trying to make you happier in the process!? Does anyone else have appliances that do this?

After 20 paint color samples (no lie... I could've bought a few gallons of paint by now), I found one. It's Benjamin Moore "truffle", but it's their high end paint (read: $46/gallon!!!). I tried to have it matched elsewhere with no luck and finally called them this morning to find out they can mix the color in one of their lower end paints. Picking paint is stressful, so thank you Lord for that! Our walls look ridiculous with all of these different paint colors everywhere. I'm hoping to get the stairs painted this week, and we're painting the living room, kitchen, and hallways this weekend (hopefully).

No pictures of the house yet. But, I do have these gems to share with you. Really, could he have been ANY cuter!? I think not.

I hope our children get those big eyes and long eye lashes! And, bless their hearts (and mine), they are going to have such huge heads. I need to have my mom scan some baby pictures of me. You'll understand why I already KNOW I will have to have c-sections!!! Big heads + narrow pelvis = no way. Plus, both of our moms had to have us via c-section! Matt was a chubber at 9+lbs I think, but I was only 6 lbs 6 oz... ALL HEAD! :)

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Prissy Southern Prep said...

Those pictures are adorable. You will DEFINITELY have gorgeous children between the two of you.