Friday, August 28, 2009


I am a day early, but tomorrow is my man's THIRTIETH birthday. I seem to find it a lot more amusing than he does. I really don't think it's a big deal, but he says just wait until I turn 30. :) So, in honor of his birthday, here are 30 reasons I love Matt... not inclusive and not in order.

1. He's handsome.
2. I love his laugh when he really gets going.
3. He makes me laugh.
4. He's a softy deep down.
5. He has amazing eyes and eyelashes.
6. He's thoughtful in ways that sometimes surprise me.
7. He's smart.
8. He's handy... oh boy is he handy (we'd be in trouble if not!).
9. He's a loyal friend.
10. He has really nice nails for a guy (more of a fact than I reason I love him, but whatev).
11. He loves his family.
12. He's good with kids and adores our nephews and nieces.
13. He's helpful.
14. He knows when to let things go.
15. He knows when to put me in my place.
16. During our wedding, he said it was the best wedding he'd ever been to. (love that)
17. He appreciates good food.
18. He loves the Gators almost as much as I do.
19. He knows when to splurge and when to be frugal.
20. He almost always massages my back when I ask.
21. He lets me sleep in and makes breakfast almost every weekend.
22. He isn't the most romantic or expressive person, but when he says or does something sweet out of the blue, it makes it all that much better.
23. He loves my family (even if he calls my mom crazy lady). haha
24. He is supportive of me and my goals.
25. He doesn't let little things bother him.
26. He's driven.
27. We have great conversations, mostly and especially when we're at a good dinner.
28. He knows when I want to be independent and when I want him to take care of me.
29. He's my one and only.
and last but not least...
30. He loves me despite my faults.

Happy 30th Babe! I love you so and am so happy to be your wife!


Ghazalie said...

#s 9,16 and 20 are awesome. happy bday to your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! Hope you guys had fun today! :D

Heather said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your hubby!!

Amy said...

Sweet post for Matt... I hope the birthday bash was wonderful! I'm going to have to borrow this idea in a just a few weeks when Todd turns the big 3-0!