Wednesday, August 5, 2009


First, thank you for your sweet comments. I was having a pity party of one yesterday (well, maybe more than one...). :)

This is what happens when you can't pick a paint color...

Yeah, I'm not even sure what color is the one we're using in this picture... I think it's the one toward the top and in the middle that looks wet. It's also the same color as the one at the bottom above the white/greyish looking color, but I muted it with a little white paint there.

What, you don't love the lace curtains?

My problem is definitely that I had a certain image of what paint color I wanted... more of a greyish tan. But, with some light in our house, that greyish tan looks more purple or blue (see third picture). So, I've had to go with a slightly warmer color than planned, but I think it will still be good with the decor and look I'm going for.

I painted until almost midnight last night, and got about half way through priming the banisters. Holy heck that takes a long time. I hope to finish priming tonight and get half of the painting done tomorrow and hopefully wrap it up Friday evening. Then it's on to the major painting this weekend. Good times.


Kristin said...

Great job!!

Annie said...

too fuuny, check out all those paint colors!
have fun painting all weekend hun! ;)

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Your house is coming together so nicely!

We also gave your blog an award for being so great! Thanks!

The Chic Coles

LindsB said...

What colors did you end up going with?? Post pics of the color and the names too, I'm in the middle of my own paint issues as well :)

Everything looks great so far!