Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natural Taupe

That's the carpet color. Yes, I am boring. :) So, here's pictures. I'm pretty sure I'll be on blogging hiatus until next week, unless I pop in on Friday with some pictures of boxes or furniture with boxes all around. Two more days to finish up packing and cleaning the current abode, and I am R-E-A-D-Y to move and get it over with! Thanks for sharing in my (our) excitement. Your comments really do make me smile. xoxo!

This is in the master... the living room has hardwoods, but didn't want our TWO fireplaces to confuse you! ;)

P.S. Swiffer Dusters are the bomb. And, no, unfortunately I'm not being paid to say that, but Swiffer, you can definitely pay me to say nice things about your products. I'm a sucker for them!


Annie said...

can't wait to see more pics next week! the wait was definately worth it! :)

Amy said...

What a huge transformation flooring makes! Love the hardwoods you chose!! It's so great that Matt is handy - you're a lucky girl. Todd used to be more intimidated by home improvement projects and we'd always ask his dad (who is a total pro) for help - but since owning our own places for a few years, he's become such a project man and it's the best!