Thursday, July 2, 2009

3.5 Day Weekend!

Holler! I am ready for the weekend. I've actually been pretty sick this week, but I'm so busy at work (so busy I have time to write this blog... lol) that I had to come in and battle through. I'm feeling much better today but still not 100%. But, we have a short day today and are off tomorrow, so I am super excited. I'm heading over to the house when I leave work to meet with some flooring guys and another HVAC company, so things are moving ahead! And, the Sellers accepted our amendment with things we wanted them to fix with no changes, so that is good. The bats will be out of the attic, but apparently they are some sort of protected species, so they are actually going to put a bat box in one of the trees on the property, so we get to keep our pets! I'm totally cool with having bats... they eat lots of bugs.

So, that's about it. Nothing too exciting to report. No big plans for the weekend... might hang out at the pool and cookout on Saturday and then find somewhere to watch fireworks. We might be able to see them from our place... I could see the Downtown fireworks from the apartment I lived in before Matt and I got married, and that's only a mile (if that) west of where we are now. We'd definitely be able to see them if we got up high enough. :)

Happy 4th of July to you and yours! xoxo


Cheryl E. said...

The house is beatiful how exciting!!

Heather said...

happy 4th to you!! Hope your weekend is a relaxing one!!

Katie Farmand said...

My parents have a bat box in their yard :) it's kind of cool to see them at dusk, flittering around. And my dad said he definitely thinks they control the bug population. So bats are good, as long as they don't live with you!

Can't wait to see your progress as it happens on the house!