Friday, July 24, 2009

Something NOT house related!

Oh, I have things I could tell you, but I'm withholding. :) But, Monday you will have some before and after pictures.

I was visiting LEB's Esty Shop this morning and admiring all of her super cute, handmade things. I was going to do a post on it, and then I visited her blog, and she's also doing a give away. So, go check our her store, buy some cute stationery or an etched glass tray (love that), and then go enter her give away for one of seven very cute items! While you're at it, she has a BUNCH of great design pictures posted on her blog... I steal a lot of them and save them for future use. :)


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I am new to your blog, but I became a follower because I love it already!! =)

LindsB said...

Aw, Kristin you are too sweet, Thanks for your sweet comments!!

Thanks for the link to my store and contest- you are the best!

Have a good weekend, I cant wait to see whats going on with your new house- so exciting!!!

LindsB said...

Hey there- dont forget to comment again on the contest post as your bonus entry for linking me here :)