Monday, March 16, 2009

Memere Update

I spoke to Memere this weekend, and she seemed a bit lethargic but in good spirits. She's a trooper. She's had a couple rounds of dialysis, and so far, I guess it's been going good. She's still having breathing issues (shortness of breath), and it is my understanding that they will continue dialysis daily until the fluid begins to regulate and she's in a more "stable" condition. She's also having an EKG today, so we'll see what that tells the doctors.

My cousin Eric just got out of the Navy a few weeks ago, so my brother helped him move from Jacksonville to St. Pete this weekend. They stopped in to see Memere for a while, and this morning, she remembered that Eric and Steve stopped by and that Eric was living in St. Pete again. That is good news! Her dementia mostly affects her short term memory, so it's always good to hear something like that.

It's crazy that all of this is going on with her, because when you meet her, it's not like you would even think she was sick. She definitely doesn't have the same spunk she did a few years ago, but she's seemingly healthy and lives independently (with frequent visitors to check up on her). The breathing problems certainly change the sickly factor, but she's still got plenty of life left in her, which is why she chose to do dialysis.

Keep praying!!

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