Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching Up

Warning, this may contain a lot of pictures!

Man, I've been busy. I can't complain... having a job and things to do is not a bad thing. This being busy is a good problem to have. So, here's a probably boring and long update of what's been going on...

First, let's start with a few weekends ago. On Valentine's Day, we tried to go eat at the Vortex (a great burger joint in town), but the wait was over an hour. So, we hit up our old favorite, Fox Bros BBQ. YUM. It really never disappoints, and I always eat way too much pulled pork and Brunswick stew. I just can't help it. I have self control when it comes to food... as long as it's not sitting in front of me. I eat everything that is put before me! So, after gorging on BBQ, we went to the Robert Earl Keen concert, which was a lot of fun. I was sad that he didn't play Everclear or Copenhagen, but it was still a good time. :)

Then, the following weekend Matt and I drove up to Kennesaw Mountain (about 20-30 minutes northwest of Atlanta) and hiked the trail to the top, which provides a nice view of Atlanta.

The sky was so blue!

We went to a wedding for our friends Sean and Elisa that night. Our first of EIGHT weddings this year and the ONLY one that is in Atlanta. It was a beautiful wedding, and Elisa looked gorgeous! Sean didn't look too bad, either. ;)

This past weekend, Dai and Meg came up to hang out with Jenn and me. It was a college reunion! We do girls' weekends every so often, and this one was extra special because it was the last one before Jenn becomes a MOMMY! AH! We had a great time eating, shopping and getting pedicures. Jenny and Chelsea hung out with us too, since they both live up here. We only took two pictures! In one, Dai and I look pregnant and Jenn doesn't... hmmmmm. And, the other is blurry, but here it is anyway.

Love my girls!

The girls left the next morning in what started out as rain and ended up looking like this!!!

Yes, it snowed in Atlanta. A lot. Huge, wet snowflakes! It snowed last year a few times, and it even stuck, but this was just different. It came down hard and for several hours. Matt and I took a long walk to go grab coffee. Here are some other pics from the day.

Our mini snowman.

I left Monday afternoon for NYC for work and got back Tuesday evening. Last night I volunteered at Wesley Woods (a retirement community/assisted living center/geriatric hospital located on Emory University's campus). The ladies taught me to play Rummikub... they were good!!! And, tonight is...


I'm sure I'll have pictures to share! I'm very excited, and I don't care that I'm almost 27 and that she's a mess. I still love me some Britney.

And, I think we're going to go camping on Saturday night at Vogel State Park to enjoy the 70 degree weather. Yes, it snowed last weekend and it's going to be 70 this weekend. You've got to love living in the South!


Jessi said...

Love the vortex....the burgers are great!!

Amy said...

Sound like you've been "good busy"!! Have a blast with Britney... and ENJOY you're 70* weather. I can't wait for some of that to come our way!

Marden Family said...

Seriously, I can't believe we didn't take more pictures...we are so old and lame... ;)

Marden Family said...

and p.s. I really want to hear stories about Rummikub.