Monday, March 16, 2009

Dreary Weekend

It rained all weekend in Atlanta, but it was kind of nice to have a low key, relaxing weekend at home with my main squeeze. I sure do miss him during the week. We didn't do much... went out to eat Friday night and my only outing on Saturday was to the grocery store. Yesterday, we went to see Slumdog Millionaire at Atlantic Station, and then I had to return a dress I purchased at H&M in New York. Before I get to Slumdog, can I just say that...

H&M's return policy is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I feel a little better now. So, I bought a dress that was $49.90 while we were in NY. Their return policy is that you can return anything within 30 days with the receipt for a full refund. I was on day 38, which meant that even though I had a receipt, I would only get a store credit for the current selling price. I do not agree with that (I think you should get a longer return period with a receipt), but that wasn't even the bad part. It is what it is. So, I go to return it, and this is how the conversation goes.

Me: I need to return this dress.
Cashier (to store manager): How much is this dress now?
Store Manager (to cashier): $20.
Cashier begins to ring up return at $20.
Me: Wait, $20? Just like that? Can I see where this dress is only $20? Can you ring it up and show me that it is only $20?
Store Manager: All of our discounts are done manually. We no longer have this dress in stock. All I can tell you is that it was on sale for $20.

HUH!? I have proof of a receipt that I paid $49.90 plus NYC sales tax on a dress, and they've got nothing, yet I only get $20 credit and no tax on top of that. I seriously do not get that. Of course, I put up a little bit more of a fight than that, but I was polite, as always. I will be sending a letter to H&M Corporate with copies of the receipts. I get that their return policy is what it is, but when you can't even produce proof that the item was marked down to $20, I should be getting a full freaking refund!

Okay, I'm done venting. I'll let you know what happens.

So, Slumdog Millionaire was really good. I'm not sure it lived up to the hype, except that it sort of came out of nowhere. It had all the makings of a good film, and it elicited various emotions... disgust, humor, sadness, anger, happiness, excitement, love. I did enjoy it, and I would definitely recommend seeing it, but to me, it didn't reach the status of my two favorite movies - Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump. Frieda Pinto is absolutely breathtaking though.


Cheryl E. said...

Just thought I would say hi, very cute blog. I became a follower :) check out mine if you get a chance. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous by the way!! I love your dress.

Heather said...

Just found your blog and it is so cute. I see you are a Gator fan, are you sick too that they didn't make it to the big dance? I am a UK fan and they didn't make it either. Loved reading!!

LindsB said...

oh no- that totally sucks! Sorry you had such a bad time there, I would have flipped out on the person- what a redic thing for her to say!

Alyse said...

That's so lame about your dress! I'm sorry!! Hopefully, you'll get what you deserve from Corporate... Love you!

Cari said...

Wow! I hate those kind of return policies. I still have to see Slumdog.