Monday, February 23, 2009

Red Carpet Glamour

I actually haven't watched the Oscars the last few years, but I was mesmerized by last night's show... and gowns. But, before I get to the good, the bad, and the ugly, let me just say that Hugh Jackman might be my new favorite actor. He was an outstanding host! I had no idea he could sing and dance... a real triple threat.

The Good

Natalie Portman looked stunning in her Rodarte lilac pink gown. I am a sucker for chiffon, and I just love the flowy, ethereal feel coupled with the surprising color choice. Everything about it works well for her.

Marisa Tomei looked amazing in this Atelier Versace gown. Just wow. This masterpiece of a dress strikes the perfect balance between intricate and wearable. The pleating in the gown is ornate, but the dress does not wear her... she is definitely wearing the dress, and wearing it well.

The red carpet winner of the night - Anne Hathaway in this gorgeous Armani Prive gown. There were really a lot of great gowns last night, but this one was my favorite. This is what the Oscars should be - a throwback to the old Hollywood glam in a dress that is distinctly 21st century.

The Bad

Bless her heart. That's really all I can say.

The Ugly

This is what happens when you try to pimp your own clothing label. I ♥ Beyonce, but this gown is just ugly.

Best Accessories of the Night

A 65-carat emerald ring, 115-carat emerald earrings, and Brad Pitt. What else could you ask for? Oh yeah, six adorable children waiting for you when you get home... at your mansion... in LA... or New Orleans... or France. Rough life.


Ghazalie said...
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Ghazalie said...

i loved everything about natalie portman -- one of my favorites for the night!!