Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Office Building,

Was it really necessary to have a "Mardi Gras Breakfast" this morning? I walk in the building and am immediately tempted by King Cake, bananas foster crepes, beignets (and I use that term loosely... these were not those delectable delights from Cafe DuMonde), and gorgonzola cheese grits. I really do not appreciate that. Not to mention, Mardi Gras isn't even until next Tuesday. My waistline and thighs do not thank you.
Best regards,


Marden Family said...

Gorgonzola cheese grits? What a delectable demonstration of my two favorite food groups- carbs and cheese...yummm....thank goodness I wasn't there, Madelyn would have made me eat them against my will.

Amy said...

haha! I'm jealous... at least you have yummy food at your office. My "office" fridge is bare today (which means I'm desperately in need of a grocery shopping trip!)