Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KCMO Christmas

We had a wonderful time in Kansas City celebrating Christmas with Matt's mom and stepdad. They have two cats, and I am very allergic to cats, but I did pretty well. I don't know if I'm less allergic to their cats or Momma Kath just keeps a really clean house :) but I don't seem to have quite the reaction that I do at others' houses, which is a very good thing. Matt and I never had the discussion about what we would do if I couldn't stay there, and thankfully we didn't need to... because, I can't even fathom having to stay in a hotel to visit his parents!

We didn't end up getting much snow, so I didn't have enough to build a snowman. Oh well, maybe next time! It actually randomly got up to 68 degrees on Friday, but it was in the 30s or lower the rest of the time we were there. These huge storms rolled through early Saturday morning, and since I didn't sleep that night for some reason, it was pretty crazy to listen to it. At one point, I honestly thought the roof might blow off or that the window might blow in. The wind was absolutely howling! And, I thought weather in the South was crazy... thunderstorms as strong as that one was in the winter is pretty crazy!

Anyway, here's our Christmas in pictures and captions!

After Christmas Eve Mass.

Our Christmas table.

Tom carving up the turkey and ham.

Momma Kath with all the goods... yum!

One of the old train signs in Union Station.

The awesome toy train setup.

WWI Memorial and Museum.

View from the top of the WWI Memorial.



Marden Family said...

Show us the boots! I want to see!!

Amy said...

What a fun Christmas! Easton would have loved all those trains!!! Isn't it such a blessing to have wonderful in-laws!