Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well, the good news is that we saw two little fluttering heartbeats and Baby A looks perfect, in the words of the doctor. Baby B is a bit of a question mark at this point. He or she is measuring a little small at 6 weeks 2 days (6w2d), while Baby A is measuring at 6w5d. I am 7w1d today, so Baby A is within a normal range. A's crown to rump (CTR) measurement is 8.1mm and B's is 5.4mm. Baby A's heart rate was 119 bpm and Baby B's was 101 bpm, which would be normal for a 6w2d baby. (Pics are attached - Baby A is the one up top... the one we were ironically worried about being small last week unless they somehow shifted positions or the ultrasound inverted the image.) The doctor flat out said that due to Baby B's smaller size and oversized yolk sac, she didn't think it was viable. But, we're not counting him/her out yet. Doctors have been wrong once or twice before, and I don't know why, but I am just not too worried about it. I saw that heartbeat, and it was a beautiful sight. The only one who really knows what will happen is God, and I can only trust in Him.

It was amazing to see their heartbeats and to see how much they've grown since last week (from a lentil bean to a blueberry for size reference, per my weekly Baby Center update - although I guess B is still closer to a lentil bean). In the picture of Baby A, what looks like a head is actually the yolk sac and what you're mostly seeing in B's pic is the yolk sac. However, if you look closely at A, you can kind of make out the head versus the tail, which is pretty neat.  We go back next Thursday to take another look.  I don't mind the weekly appointments... small milestones and a chance to see them again.

Outside of all that, things are good. I am feeling just fine, besides some restless sleep thanks to hormones. But, given I haven't had any nausea, sheer exhaustion, food aversions, etc., I guess it's good to have something telling me that my body is in fact supporting a pregnancy, besides swollen breasts and frequent bathroom visits. :) I also made my first regular OB appointment, which will be September 4 at 1:30. We'll have yet again another ultrasound and meet with the doctor(s). And, I believe both of our babies will be doing just fine!  But, if not, we'll deal with whatever comes... that's all we can do.  Until then, I am thanking God and rejoicing that we got to see two heartbeats today!

Baby A being measured
Baby B being measured

The Twins


meghan said...

What sweet, precious babies! So glad everything went well today. I'll stand in prayer with y'all that Baby B will be fine and catch up by the next appointment. These are verses I always cling too... phil 4:4-8

The Granberrys said...

What a BEAUTIFUL sight! I'll be continuing to pray for baby B to "catch-up"!

AEOT said...

Awwwwwwww.......they're beautiful :) Just said a prayer for healthy babies that do what they're supposed to do!!

Ms. Payne said...

Major blessings on this! Congrats. I know this journey has been long for you and your husband! Loads of praying going on in Brooklyn for you both!