Thursday, August 23, 2012

Okay, sometimes doctors are right

I probably won't be pregnant with twins for much longer, but it was fun while it lasted! Baby B appears to be on his way out (FYI - I assigned them sexes and Baby A is a she and Baby B is a he... who knows!?). No growth since last week (actually measuring a little smaller but this is not 100% accurate), and his heart rate is lower at 81 bpm (101 last week). The yolk sac is bigger than the baby, too. All these signs point to the little guy not being viable. :(

On a very positive note, Baby A looks awesome. Her heart rate is up to 161 bpm, and her CRL measurement is 13.3mm or just over 1/2". Her little fluttering heart was very easy to see... it's truly amazing how much and how quickly they change at this stage, almost doubling in size from last week. They are supposed to grow about 1mm per day. And, if Baby A is a boy, he will have a complex from me calling him a she my whole pregnancy. :)

Besides the obvious sad news of Baby B, everything looks good. They are both "attached" nice and tightly to my uterus, no bleeding or tears or anything like that. When Baby B's heart stops beating, he will just be absorbed into the surrounding tissue and should not present a problem for Baby A. Photos 1 and 2 below are Baby A and and 3 and 4 are Baby B. Huge difference.

They released me from the RE office, which was bittersweet. I've been going there (quite frequently) for a year and have gotten as close as you can get with doctors and nurses (especially the nurses). We all hugged goodbye for now, and they gave me a little parting gift which is a sweet little silver spoon. I think it will deserve it's own shadowbox frame and to be hung in the nursery.

My first OB appointment actually got rescheduled to next Friday, so I will have yet another ultrasound then. Matt is out of town, but my mom and sister are in town, so they are excited to go with me. Still feeling good except the sleep issues and being tired, but I'm not complaining. 8 weeks down, 32 to go! :) God is good.  I'm definitely grieving the loss of one, but certainly rejoicing in the health of the other... very mixed emotions, but one baby is WAAAAYYYYYYYY better than none.  And, our little tiny angel has plenty of family to watch over him (or her... okay, my sex assignements could be wrong) until we reunite in Heaven.

Praying for all of you who are still waiting... obviously, we've got a ways to go, but I can say that so far, it's definitely worth the wait.

Our miracle.
Best sight ever... nice, strong heartbeat.
Our tiny angel

He's a fighter... not giving up yet!


Gloria L. said...

Hey there ~ I was reading "Living the Good Life", which is how I read about your blog. Just noticed the news about Baby B and wanted to let you know that you and your babies are in my prayers. God is good. So glad for your trust and faith in him!

Take care and let us know how your OB appt goes!

Gloria L.

The Granberrys said...

I'm so glad baby A is thriving- praying for another 32 weeks of good growing/developing time. Still praying for baby B too!