Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today is my handsome husband's THIRTY-THIRD birthday!  It's kind of hard to believe that I've now celebrated his last nine birthdays with him, the first one being his 25th (and oh my, how times have changed).  Time sure flies when you're having fun.  In honor of his birthday, and like I have done a few times in the past, I am going to list 33 reasons that I love Matt and why I'm a lucky girl.

1.   He's rough and gruff on the outside some of the time, but deep down, he's a teddy bear with a soft side.
2.   He's going to be an awesome daddy.
3.   He's smart.
4.   He's a very hard worker.
5.   But, he knows how to let loose and have some fun.
6.   He's got a really good sense of humor.
7.   I think he's pretty damn good looking.  :)
8.   He usually scratches or rubs my back when I ask.
9.   He has the best eyelashes, which I hope our children inherit (along with his cute nose).
10. He can fix just about anything.
11. He let me redecorate the house, and even helped, with very little complaint.  :)
12. He came home with flowers for me after we got our first positive hCG result.
13. He's really sweet with his nieces and nephews.
14. He reallllllllllly wants to be a daddy... I think his paternal drive is as strong as my maternal drive.
15. The boy can cook.  Which reminds me that I think it's about time for braised short ribs and goat cheese polenta again... baby's request, of course.
16. He has good taste in music.
17. He's a loyal friend.
18. He enjoys traveling, good food, good beer, and good wine as much as me.
19. He's thrifty, but he'll splurge when it's worth splurging.
20. He graduated from the University of Florida.  In all kinds of weather...
21. He has really good insurance.  ;)
22. He gets stressed about Fantasy Football, which I think is amusing.
23. He takes good care of our pups and loves them almost as much as I do.  :)  (I'm the sucker, and he's the disciplinarian.)
24. He takes good care of me when I need it.
25. He loves his family and was raised right.
26. He is very thoughtful in unexpected ways.
27. He'll pay half attention to pageants on TV and provide feedback if I beg ask him nicely enough.
28. {this one is reserved for just us... bow chicka bow wow} ;)
29. He doesn't care that I bought him a lame gift of two polos from Brooks Brothers.  In my defense, we are in the market for a new computer, he just went to Jacksonville last weekend for a guys weekend and he's going to Boca Grande this weekend to fish, AND he just got a new set of golf clubs.  So, yeah... polo shirts it is.
30. He is tremedously helpful around the house.  God bless a man who will chip in with domestic duties.
31. His faith is growing, and it's cool to see that side of him.
32. He loves me, despite my faults.
And, last, but certainly not least...
33. He's Justin Bieber's #1 fan!  (this is a total inside joke that has blown up with a few of his friends, so I couldn't resist... he honestly couldn't identify a Bieber song if challenged to)

Happy 33rd, Babe!  Cheers to many, many more!  xoxoxoxo

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Alyse said...

Awe :) You do have a great hubster! Happy Birthday Matt!