Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our dogs are so spoiled.  I mean, they do get locked in the bathroom all day because apparently they cannot be trusted to roam the house, but besides that, they are lucky dogs.  They get treats and lots of love and walks and playing fetch.  And, I am definitely a dog mom.  I don't want to board them or leave them longer than I have to.  So, they get to come on my birthday trip with us to Asheville.  So spoiled!  (It's also cheaper to bring them than to board them, so easy choice!)

Max was letting me know how much he loved me.
Look how cute they are.  How could we possibly leave them behind!?

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Meghan said...

You sound like me! Our dog is our baby and we treat him like so. Sometimes I want a second dog so he has someone to play with when we aren't home but then I see how much he prefers being an only dog... Spoiled! And you'll be an hour from us! We live in a small town 50
Miles east of Asheville and go there often for "big city items" hehe. Have fun!