Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucky Rabbit?

You probably had a lucky rabbit's foot at some time in your life.  I know I had several (and thinking about it now, it's really pretty gross... I sure hope they weren't real).  Well, I can now one up that... I have a lucky rabbit.  Meet Jack.

This was after I found Jack (for the second time) hopping around my back yard (like the sweet bathrobe I've had since freshman year of college?).  We actually found him the night before, and he let me pick him right up.  Due to unfortunate circumstances (my 3-1/2 and 10 year old neighbors), he jumped out of my arms and hid.  But, lo and behold, he was right back eating our grass the next morning and once again, let me pick him up.

Now, I don't have a lot of experience with pet bunnies, but in the experience I do have, they typically are not super friendly.  They might let you play with them for a little bit, but then they might nibble on you and try to get away.  Not this guy.  He is so soft and sweet and squishy and lovable and huggable and downright adorable.  And, right in time for Easter!  What are the odds?

I sent out an APB on our neighborhood listserve, and no one has claimed him.  It's Spring Break here in Atlanta, so I'm thinking someone doesn't even know he's missing because they are out of town (and don't get our neighborhood e-mail) or he was set free.  Either way, we're holding onto him until Monday (when people should be back), and if no one has claimed him, we've got some neighbors with a female bunny who, why unbeknownst to me, want a male bunny.  And, he'll have a good home there with a huge area to roam free, three little girls to love on him, and a playmate.  No pun intended.

It's also funny to me that he showed up (or more accurately, we saw him) mere minutes after I officially started my IVF regimen.  I didn't think about it at the time, but someone who has no idea what we're even going through at the moment said he was good luck, so I am just fine considering him our lucky sign.  (And, on that note... two days of shots down and all is good... I'm sure I'll post more soon.)

So, until his owners step up or Monday rolls around, we've got a little friend to play with... and make the dogs insanely jealous.

Jack's no dumb bunny.  Maddie wants to play.

And he jumps.  Pretty sure he wanted to escape.  Sorry guy.  You're too cute to be eaten by an owl or a hawk.


Meghan said...

My MIL has a house rabbit and it's the most ornery thing I've ever met. Glad Jack is friendlier. :) Hope everything is going well... can't wait to read an update! Prayers your way...

justjen said...

Found your blog thanks to Kelly's Korner (I am #77) and our stories are very close. We also have a bunny and dogs. Our rabbits actually look a lot a like. We just finished our first IVF cycle last month- BFN. TTC for almost 5 years now.
Keep fighting! Keep blogging!
I will be 'following' and praying for you.

Amy said...

My goodness, not sure how I missed so many posts! But I like the sounds of a lucky rabbit... sounds like you'll have some exciting (and challenging) things coming up! You're in our prayers!! xo