Tuesday, March 20, 2012


That was how Jenn described it, and it is really the best adjective to use, I think.  We certainly aren't lucky, because if we were lucky, we wouldn't be dealing with infertility nonsense in the first place.  But we are certainly fortunate that this predicament we've found ourselves in has been made much easier financially thanks to Matt's insurance policy.

If you recall, I was laid off in January 2011.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed my extended vacation and was not upset about being laid off, I do have to work so it wasn't all peachy (as in, we cannot afford to live on one income).  Because that is considered a life changing event, Matt was able to add me to his insurance policy, which made me being laid off the best thing ever.  His insurance is amazing.  And, we had no idea just how amazing it was until late last year when we began seeing an RE thinking anything we did would be 100% out of pocket.

While I have certainly appreciated our insurance in the past, I never thought we'd have to do IVF, so I didn't really appreciate it as much as I do now.  I haven't had to take any drugs, because my body does what it's supposed to do and I produce healthy (as far as we can tell) eggs.  So, even if we were paying for our IUIs, they wouldn't really have been that much anyway.  But, wow is IVF another story.  Again, because I appear to be healthy for all intents and purposes, my IVF protocol is "easy" compared to most.  So, while I may not fall into the $4,000 for drugs alone costs that I've heard about, they would be significantly more than I'm paying.  Shoot, I've paid more for a pair of shoes (although only once) or a really nice dinner out than my entire IVF drug protocol.  And, since my hysteroscopy, trial transfer, and baseline tests are all coming up within the next two weeks, we had to go ahead and pay our IVF fee yesterday.  I joked with Matt last night on our walk that instead of buying myself a Louis Vuitton purse for my 30th birthday, I'm (hopefully) buying us a baby.  ;)  There is absolutely no way we'd even be going down this path at all if it weren't for his insurance.  Maybe eventually, but certainly not so "soon."  We don't know if it would ever happen on its own (maybe we have some freak thing going on where his sperm just cannot permeate my eggs on their own... no clue), and because of our good fortune, we don't have to wait and see.

So, while I still wish I could speed up the process a little so there was more cushion between a potential transfer and my trip (I really don't understand why they won't let me start the meds on the 30th or 31st... I know, cry me a river), I'm just going to take it for what it is, bask in our good fortune that we even have this opportunity, and go along for the ride (oh, and cross my fingers, say lots of prayers, etc etc etc).  The thought that I could have a baby growing inside me in less than a month is more than I can comprehend.  (And, I can't let my brain go to the other option.)  Operation baby-making - inhabit the uterus for 38 weeks is underway.  And, although I wish it hadn't come to this, I am so incredibly thankful that we have this option.

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Haley said...

That's wonderful about your husband's insurance. I'm saying a quick prayer for you and hoping that you'll be baby blessed very soon. My baby is almost three months, and I'm due to go back to work next week. That will be the next hard part you face. I'm hoping I can eventually stay with him full time and find some freelance work, but for now, I'm sucking it up and working :) I really admire your strength through all of this. You may not feel strong all the time, but from an outsider looking in, you seem like one tough cookie. I'm really hoping this is your year!