Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vacay in photos

I wonder if we will have as many photos of our dogs once we have kids.  It's a bit ridiculous.  These pictures pretty much sum up what we did on our vacation... went to the beach, ate, relaxed, fished.  There's not much else to say.  It was amazing.

lazy day... spoiled girl.
these crabs were at least 20 feet away... love our camera

scallops + steak + crab cakes + baked potato + asparagus = well fed

gone fishin' - we caught at least 70 fish between 4 of us, kept 56 (mostly trout)... and did not take one picture of the fish... oops

family pic

the love of my life

two tennis balls = talent.  see also: typical, hoarder.

riding the wave to shore

my second favorite picture from our vacay

my most favoritest photo from vacay.  love those dogs.

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Jenn said...

So fun. Can't wait for our family trip next year! ;)