Monday, November 7, 2011

Successful Weekend

Two shout outs.

First, to my friend Jamie Dragon for winning Miss Vermont USA on her 7th try!  Lucky #7!!!  Everything happens in perfect timing and this was just always meant to be.  She is an amazing person inside and out, and I am so so so so so glad she finally got to experience her winning moment.  Now on to Miss USA!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!  (Side note:  I bawled like a baby at the first picture I got to see of her taking her victory walk.  I am a complete sap.  I met Jamie because the pageant messageboard I moderate, Pageant Central -, sponsored her as our Miss Pageant Central this year, providing her with a ton of amazing sponsors to make her dream come true... and it could not have happened to a better person.  She is GOLDEN and beautiful inside and out!)

Winning reaction!  So happy.

Love this.  One of the girls on the left (in the audience w/ her mouth open) was who nominated Jamie for Miss Pageant Central and she's a former Miss VT USA who I also know.

Right after crowning.

A little help from photoshop and voila, the state crown on her MPC headshot.  :)

Also, to my sister, Brandi, for making it to the finals of the Jacksonville Sharks dance team tryouts!  You can see her in this video at 0:52-0:56.  I also spied her in some of the group dance segments.  Brandi is not really a dancer, but she's as cute as can be and they are also looking for some girls with gymnastics ability, which you can see she has from the video.  Finals are Saturday, and I wish I could be there to cheer her on!  Go Brando! 

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Alyse said...

Go Brandi! How fun!