Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A lot of people on Facebook are posting daily with the things they are thankful for through the month of November.  Well, I didn't jump on that bandwagon, but I find it is always a good exercise to stop thinking about the "bad"/what you don't like in your life/what you're missing/etc. and focus on all of the things you have been blessed by.  So, here goes my catch up through today...
  1. The grace, love, redemption, and providence of God and our Savior.
  2. My husband.  I truly look at him on a daily basis and thank God for him.
  3. My family (immediate and extended).  We aren't perfect, but we stick together!
  4. My girlfriends.  I have the BEST friends you could ask for.  Their support, love, encouragement and humor always astound me.  Just yesterday, Jenn sent me a text message that made me cry I was laughing so hard.  Man, I love her.
  5. The men and women who have and continue to serve our country, giving us the freedom we enjoy.
  6. Our jobs.  Even when Matt is working 12+ hour days and even though I am having a quarter-life crisis and don't really like my job that much, I am so thankful to be employed.
  7. The roof over our heads and the means to make it a home that we love (thanks to the talent of Capella Kincheloe - stay tuned).
  8. That not only do I never have to worry about going hungry, we are able to eat delicious and nutritious foods to sustain our bodies.
  9. Perspective.
  10. Faith and hope.
  11. My inlaws, who I can't wait to see next week!  It's been too long.  And, going to Mama Kath's means that I am going to be very fat and happy.  Yum.  :)
  12. My health and that of my family's.  We just had someone beat cancer and another scare it the eff away.  And, Davis' heart is looking really good.  Praise God!
  13. My doggies.  This Monday will mark a year since we adopted them.  Sometimes I want to drop kick them, but man I love them.
  14. That Maddie let me hold her like a baby last night... one big, hairy baby.  It was so cute... she just laid there and let me cradle her (belly up) in my lap and did not want to leave.
  15. Coffee.
  16. Being able to travel, even if it's just a quick weekend road trip to Charlotte.
Let's see what the rest of the month brings!  What are you thankful for today?

P.S.  I've seen this quote many times, but I love it.  "What if the only things you had today were what you thanked God for yesterday?"  Ponder that.

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