Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Breakthrough

Yesterday, I was tired all day and really wanted to down some sugar.  I went to Publix to pick up some eggs (I eat eggs like they are going out of style... which brings me to, if anyone local knows where you can get affordable FREE RANGE (not cage free... that's propaganda) eggs from chickens that eat bugs and stuff, PLEASE let me know.  I saw some at Whole Foods, but the price was missing... based on the other eggs, I'm guessing it was $5-6 for a dozen.  Eek.) and back to the original point... the dairy aisle is also the candy aisle... oh man, if I weren't doing paleo, I probably would have bought some Twizzlers or Reeses Pieces or something.  I wanted something sweet bad.  Anyway, didn't do it, chewed a piece of gum instead, went home, had dinner, then made the blueberry "dessert" (jury's out on that one).

Woke up at my usual 6am for CrossFit days and hit the gym.  I feel great this morning, although I tweaked my elbow doing push presses, so that was not fun (I think I've got a knot somewhere in my left trap/delt/or something in that area that is pulling on a tendon that runs from the shoulder/back to the elbow and it is not fun to put weight overhead).  I have a ton of energy right now and will likely sustain it all day.  The days I sleep a little later and don't work out in the morning are my roughest days.  Weird.  So, coming from the ultimate sleeper-inner (seriously, I HATE getting up in the morning), I think I might start getting up at 6 every morning during the week and doing yoga or pilates on my off days... something relatively easy to get in some good stretching and get my blood pumping.  I know I will not want to get out of bed, but I was in such a funk all day yesterday even after a good night's rest.  I can't make it much past 10pm anymore.

So, anyway.  That was my breakthrough yesterday/today.  I'm putting it here for some accountability.  Now, I just need to find some decent yoga/pilates workouts On Demand (and a kick in the butt to get up... I think Matt will gladly handle that), and I'll be golden.

ETA: - this is a good read

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Kristin said...

I'm not sure how I have not found your blog earlier, but I love it!! I love that health is such a priority for you, your obsession with pageants... so many things! AND you live in Atlanta (I like 45 minutes north!). So excited to read more of your posts, just wanted to say hi! :)