Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I still cannot believe we got a white Christmas.  In Georgia.  Snow, real snow.  On Christmas.  Which is in December.  Boggles my mind!  I loved every second of it, and I may have gone outside during the middle of the snow and performed a wine induced jig.  However, since there is no pictorial or video evidence, this cannot be proved one way or another.

Christmas was great.  Matt's parents came to spend the holiday with us, and we both thoroughly enjoyed having them and not having to travel and spending Christmas at home for the first time.  We decked the halls and prepared lots of food.  Altogether, it was a lot of merriment.  I was spoiled on all fronts, and I am happy to report that I got the steamer mop I've been coveting.  Funny part of it is that mom bought it for me before she even knew I wanted one and was worried that I would think it was totally lame.  Little did she know at the time, I could NOT wait to get my hands on one.  And, I must report that it worked splendidly and made cleaning all of my hardwoods and tile almost fun.

I can't believe it's almost 2011!


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